All stat’s are important!

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I hope the all are!  Then why look at them!

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Quote:Originally posted by hypersoniq on September 19, 2003

Based on observation, I have noticed that, like the real odds,  the numbers drawn have no special mathematical properties to be exploited... keeping statistics seems to be a popular approach, here's my spin...

1. Arithmetic Mean (Average)... of no real value because the numbers serve only to indicate the ball drawn. a 10 has no more significance than a 14.

YES it does! Any number/numbers have value if it did not we be drawing letters instead!

2. Median (number in the middle of a set of numbers)... of no real value (as above)

Same as above!

3. Mode (most frequently occurring number in a series of numbers)... bingo! a useful statistic in both draw and sort order, and one that changes over time.

The way their drawn? Something has to remain constant! Firing the ballS out of cannons like cannon balls?

4. Maximum and Minimum... still deciding, in draw order, no use... but sort order is something we are adding to the results, so if we are looking at the data in a processed way, this helps to determine the useful range. It is double the work though ,but it makes more sense looking at sorted numbers, just don't overlook that fact when processing...

Yes again after a period of time min/max is almost set! 

Eleven years Buckeke 5/Twelve years OSLP!

5. Standard deviation and Average deviation... of no real value based on the reasoning for Arithmetic mean, as this is at their root.

All numbers have a root 531 is 135!

comments, additions, corrections welcomed!

Why would anybody bet 1-2-3-4-5 or 6

When did you see all the horses in a horse race come in like that?


Quote:Originally posted by hypersoniq on September 19, 2003

Once again I thank you for you opinion but I been thru all that logic b/4! Simple thing every thing counts sooner or later!  When it comes to numbers/digits/binarys they all have a meaning!  What they have is determend by the user!  With all the games that are played 3/4/5/6 everyone is different but somewhat same!  A common denominator NUMBERS/DIGITS whatever you want to call them!

In the 3 digit 1,000 combinations or 220 boxes=10 trips/90 doubles/120 straight numbers or broken down 1,000 combiniations=10 trips/270 doubles/720 straight who off the top of the head knows them all no body I know!  Ok a file or print out or written on a piece of paper!  What about 4 digit 715 boxes=10,000 combinations etc.Who in the hell has all of those written down not many!  Simple way and I said this b/4 is to go back to day 1 in any state and make a file on them! You need more than 30 draws! By day/month/year and compare them!  Why does take such a amount of understanding to do this!

Numbers all have a value like 555=15 069=15 078=15 168=15 258=15 348=15 357=15 366=15 447=15 456=15 the have the same sum their for they come out the most because their are more!


hey do anybody out there post numbers for louisiana because my mom is interested in any in put that you have to offer.  i would like to know some for when i visit louisiana and want to play . 

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