Jazzy - Tuesday - 9/16/03

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To fullhundred100,

where are your Daily postings and predictions? Your comment shows that you don't know what you are talking about and furthermore Jazzy has helped other people and won more games just on this forum and there are plenty of affirmations to back up my statement. No one is perfect. You are the gambler so whose fault is it that you are not winning?


Keep on keeping on Jazzy!

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Hello Mr. Fullhundred 100,

You are  very much out of order.  That is not the kind of behaviour that will be tolerated on this site.   I do hope the person's in authority here, have your membership evoked!

Must we as a people always; show are true colors! What kind of ambassdor are you.  When you are here you not only represent yourself but you also represent your country!

I cry shame on you!  You make me sick to my stomach to be a Bahamian today!

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To Mr. Fullhundred 100

You are everything being Bahamian is not. You are an embarassment to every Bahamian who is a member of this site. I hope your membership is evoked.

p.s. Jazzy  keep on posting those numbers.


Fullhundred 100,

Is some one forcing you to play Jazzy's picks or anyone else's? You are uncouth to say the least . Immaturity is not welcomed here. 

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Sorry about that Jazzy and Forum - I just read this post...

 fullhundred100 - I deleted your message - you had better read the rules and abide by them, if you want to continues posting here!

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 Jazzy you are a CLASS ACT...

Thank You for your time and support of the Lottery Post...

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jazzzy you are doing a good job so keep doing what you are doing,because i thank you for your post.

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Thank you! You're most welcome.




  I made a mistake 658 Illinois. I got that and hope to get somemore.All the Blessings.


  Jazzy I missed it by george maybe its a good thingI missed what was said about my Expert  I will not say much but this much I will say those peopl do not like Foreigners so I was told think about that.

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Everone here has the right to post,predict or say just about anything but no to the point where that becomes offensive! That should in clude pictures, graphic's & language!



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