Only 3 ways to win the jackpot


There are 3 ways to win the jackpot :

1. Pot Luck
2. Outmart every sequence of the draw by playing all possible combinations. (not an option)
3. Outsmart the first 2 sequences of the draw. (100.000 times cheaper then "2.")

Option 3 makes sense because most played tickets lose the jackpot the moment the second winning number is drawn.

Just in case you are tired of using Lotto systems by the dozen without much success.

We all know that the odds are against us, that they are what they are, and that we can't simply change them.


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I believe it is possible to


I agree with pick

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Tso-gali-I = "Friends"

I'll stick with my "system" until it is my time...

"The happiest time in a man's life is when he is in hot pursuit of a dollar with a reasonable prospect of overtaking it."


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 a family member has played his set for 5 yrs and never won/ same set.

just some input

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The fundamental problem with most lottery gamblers is they want to hit big and hit big soon. Let's examine some pricipals of the stock market (also a form of gambling) that are similar to lottery betting.

  • The exceptions are not the norm

  • Most traders in stock die broke, why because they want the quick hit

  • The long termer's usually make money, why because they are patient

  • Knowledge is money (leverage) do the homework but you will never have the real inside track (you can't react to computer trading)

  • Tools are used to make better decisions

  • Some tools work better than others but none is 100%, why ? because human decision is involved.

So you see the same principals apply to the Lottery.

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You can add:

Another way to make money off the lottery.

Write a data program, call it a lottery program or lottery system, go to a place where lottery players hang out, tell them that the program when used properly can give them an edge when playing the lottery, sell the program to them and when they still don't win tell them they fail to use it properly. 

It an old trick but it still works.



Some players use the same s

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The following is probably n

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Are you on some thing like other than asprin?

Who is going to go thru all that for what!

When all you need is simple basic info! 

It's just to simple, but maybe it's not!

For most, all, or anybody!

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MrSteel01, I could ask you the same questions you asked me but that would be too simple, or not .

I see you pulled your other post ... the one that was, shall we say, more colorfull .... 

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