new Ga lotto machines, opinions anyone?

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Quote:Originally posted by gilla on August 27, 2003

 Cash 3 Midday
Date - 08/27/03
Live Drawings on WSB-TV:
Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat at 12:29 PM


Total Payout - $124,620

 CASH 3 Evening
Date - 08/27/03
Live Drawings on WSB-TV:
Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun at 6:59 PM


Total Payout - $194,740
Yeah, just look at them payouts.

Anyone think there might be a connection between the generally lower payouts lately, and the new much slowwwwwwwer machines? Longer lines and longer waits, plus all my stores' clerks now are requiring that everyone put all of his or her numbers are on a pay slip.  Could these two factors be resulting in significantly fewer players and plays per player, thus part of the reason for  lower payouts lately?                                                                      Of course your point, Gilla, I think, was that 406 and 650 were just two more examples of what's become a long list of very, very recent box-or-straight-repeats, for those looking at combined draws.  All those repeats, I'm sure, are the much bigger factor when it comes to lower payouts.                                                                            But.... just wondering how the Ga players here think the new machines are affecting the game as a whole, if at all? My apologies if I've erred by putting this in the wrong forum, but I was afraid it might go unnoticed elsewhere.
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I have not seen much change in play here in Savannah. 


i know they take a little longer  but i like the bigger print, also i like the idea about making people putting their numbers on play slips, i don't like getting behind people calling out numbers, one or 2 dosen't matter ,but when they calling out 20 0r 30 yes, then they stand there and made sure they have the right ones, no matter how many people is waiting behind them.

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We went thru a little of that in Ohio when they did a software change at the Lottery stores, when they brought in the Megaball. It's just growing pains, it will get better and faster with time.

Libra Dave

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i like the large print.

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