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Have you ever asked for dre


Yes I do..

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That is very interesting. I'm really glad you didn't turn into a Bookie. lol


yes, i di

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I really don't think dreams are useful in predicting lottery numbers. Among other things, I dreamt that I could fly. I have yet to sprout wings.

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Personally, I have not used them in the context of a number associated with a dream .I do find it interesting as so many people have asked for numbers associated with dreams. So, I am actually "fishing" for info. Does it work? Have people actually won using the numbers associated with dream symbols, etc.  I have dreamed of winning the lottery and have even remembered the numbers; but if I did play them I didn't win. I actually can't remember if I played them. Sometimes I see the numbers and can't remember the numbers when I wake up. But it is interesting. 

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I voted that I don't know how to...I would if I could....I can't remember ever waking up amd recalling a number...rather I recall some story. Maybe a story could be related to numbers, but it wouldn't mean anything to me.

I do like Kreskin's Method

Kreskin s Method

Also I think that somehow, some form of remote viewing can be applied to lotteries. Many people, RV'ers, disagree with that position. Some believe the same. If you have never heard of remote viewing it is a method of collecting data used by the CIA, to some success from about 1975 to 1995. (they say they quit) The method relies in a remote viewer following a protocol and recording the information in writing. A Google search will give you lots to read about, much is good and a lot is BS. Many people would say all of it is.

Still, I am interested in it and would like to know if anyone on here is interested in either Kerskin's or RV.

Please post or PM if ya are

thanks, dowser

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Dreams can be a way of looking into the future. In tribal times, in the open ranges, where hunting was the method of survival. Tribes often went to The Shamen(visionaries) of the tribe to get his take on where they should hunt next. The Shamens only responsibility was to See! These days, Steering Committees or/and Planners do this service for Corporations! Looking in to the future by dreaming is viable, in my opinion. I personally have not, but have heard of others that are able.

Have A Good Day!

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I checked out the link. Interesting. I really haven't heard anything on the remote viewing. Have you tried kreskin's method and won anything?

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Not unless someone in the dream came up to me and slapped me in the back of the head and said  "play these numbers tomorrow!!!"

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Hi Calscorp: Often I match 3 of 6, or 2 plus powerball. I won...I forget, $150 bucks once I think. But it is fun.

This is a new fourm that brings togather all or most of the legitimate RV people and groups...Check it out, lots of good links:

Remote Viewing Forum

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I checked out the link. Interesting. Liked the part on the Tarot. My kind of interests there. Thanks.


Dowser my opinion on the Kreskin Method is that instead of using a computer to choose numbers randomly, you are using your mind as a random number generator. I have discover this on my own as a way to choose quick picks. As far as dreams,  the mind free spiinning numbers , astrology I say hogwash. Statistical data combined with probability in a systematic way I find to work. Quik picks are needles in haystacks. I know people have won from them playing pick 3, but if tracked win verses loss it is a dud.


dream, dream,  yes dreams have different meanings and i've heard of people dreaming nos. and won (pick3). Also, if you dream of dead people, the nos. to play is 9, 19, 29, depends on the age and whether  it is male or female.  Female is 9, male is 10 or 0.  the nos. that i know of are different from the books ie lottery bible, dream books.  if anyone dreamt of something, let me know just to give it a try. 

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For fun; I'll give you my nightmare from last week. I already knew the interpretation of the dream from what was going on in my life at the time; which did resolve itself after the dream.  So; I would assume the symbols might be bus, cars, friend. I am on a school bus. Very back of the bus. The back door opens and I am the only one trying to close it. I see the road and cars coming at me; realizing at the time I will be run over if I fall out the door. Finally, I close the door. Took alot of strength. I then realize my girlfriend is sitting beside me. She gives me a hug and says; "You did it". lol I could have used her help. So what numbers would you play? And would you want too after a nightmare?

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