Question why we play

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I wonder sometimes why


I play to win the jackpot. I play for myself, my mother(My dream is to tell my mother she'll never have to work a 9 to 5 again..she deserves it) & family(those in need).

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I play for the jackpot...but I love a challenge, and this one keeps me entertained twice a week......

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I play because the Lottery

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hi, i want to win the lottery so i can buy my three bedroom condo,

buy my cadillac 16  and sit on my balcony sipping wiskey sours while i glace into my new dids,

also i want to be able to buy all the seth thomas mantle clocks i want on ebay  and know i have enough cash in the bank to take that job and stuff it and go to college,still hoping to win after 28 years of loss'es.

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 Anyone, who says anything else is suspect!!!

 I know a lot of people who, don't, and won't, play the lottery unless the jackpot reaches 100+ milloin dollars.

 That's all well and good!

Others who play pick-3, and pick-4 games, and wouldn't consider, 'boxing' their selections, most stating that a box won't do anything for them. 

That's all well and good!

 But asked, any of those people to give you $5.00, and see what you'll get.

An excuse, and nothing!!!

      MONEY !!!

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some days I think I play because I'm an idiot...

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LOL, If I bought 1,000 tickets, I wouldn't need to wonder if I was an idiot.

(I did once play 42 because I was sick of missing the powerball... but that was after winning $51 in the stupid6... I matched the powerball!).

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But even if you match the powerball, if you miss all the other balls in the same line then you only win $3.

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Tso-gali-I = "Friends"

I play because number's have alway's facinated me. And, since I started my lil' system a few years back, and started tweaking and peaking it now for sometime, I am finally seeing some results. Not a lot yet, but enough to say it's working and I'm on the right track.

"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work at it, however."

Chief - "Wisdom is the wealth of the wise."

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if some one would care to share how to start a system i would appreciate it,i would like to win big 4 straight once or twice before i leave this world, thanks.


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