What are some excuses people make!

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I just wondered!

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I definitely need to add a spell-checker...

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i couldn't scrape together

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Hey gang...

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Then there's always the one that really is bad....

"I work for a contractor for the lottery so I am not allowed to purchase tickets, even as gifts..."

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i got caught in the great b

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I couldn't get my lottery software to work right.  I have  Ronald McDonal??? advanced software package with all the extra tools and wheels but it's hard to understand.  Can anyone help me. 

I have a copy of Note Pad on my computer, but I can find any information on setting it up to pick lottery numbers.

My personal favorite is ' I picked the wrong numbers '.


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I like to say wow those num


I don't make excuses if I didn't hit it was because I selected the wrong numbers.

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What happen too, the,



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Todd what is spel cheker?

Do wee nead dat?

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huukd on phonix dint rely wurkd fur u?




tak da lummp som

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How about "My recently deceased dog ate my ticket"?

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