Texas Lottery is ready for a big payday.

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Hello, I'm new to this forum and am very impressed with the layout.  I live in texas and run a small business as a lottery agent and if anyone is interested I can help if anyone wants to play the Texas Lotto jackpot games.


Lotto Texas jackpot is at $47,000,000 and will play tonight at 10pm Central.

Texas Two Step jackpot is at $400,000 and will play Aug. 1st at 10pm.


Why don't you tell us the location of your store?


Yesterday, I issued a DICK CLARK Alert.


Todd-any comments?

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Cash, as always thanks for looking out for Lottery Post.  I have exchanged e-mails with "Ghost" and explaned the no-advertisement rules.  I edited their message and took out the offending text/link.  I don't believe they will advertise again.

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We sure won't.  Y

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welcome to the post then!


Texas' big paydays will be after Mega Millions comes to the Lone Star State.

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