Ohio Pick 4 picks??


Can someone tell me their favorite Ohio Pick 4 EVENING picks in the mornings for each evening?

I will give them half the jackpot if they pick the winning numbers for me.

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any real teachers out there that have won consistantly say at least

to break even??? would like to know how.





1_Lose all your bets for a year

2_Play and win the last game of the year with a $1000.00 bet.

I'm just kidding of course. So far as I know, there isn't much in the way of winning "consistantly" any lotto or lottery game unless the game has a one-minded bias that continually runs the same way, day to day and the lottery commission never catches this particular bias. One thing is for certain, that type of drain on state funds won't last for long and you can bank on it. Everybody and his kid brother wants to sell you a pet program that will give you the pie in the sky and fortune beyond your wildest dreams. All programs work to a degree, but not 100%, back to back with consistancy. What I've seen works fairly well and it's called a nine number wheel for pick 3 and pick 4. I realize that you want a straight up and up program or way to get some fast money. It won't happen! Ask anyone on this forum just how easy is it to lose your bet money vs.winning a lot. Gambling in any form is extremely fickle to say the least.



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 there is a guy on net saying he has a system to win consistently

he calls himself  willsell  has anyone dowloaded his freeware/and tried it.??? I downloaded it but did not have any luck with it. anyone out there tried it??? and won even once??



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