Check this book...


Check this out....

New Book

"Exploit the Lottery and Win"

kinda of cool....

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Hi WindTalker.



Hi Lottery Lady,

I am still studying the book because I need time to catch up the formulas and analysis in it. I think it would help me dventually...



You're making it sound like a Harry Potter book...



Just a few questions...who is the author?  what year was it published?  how many pages is it?  What is the table of contents like?  THANKS.



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Hi Greg,

It was just published recently, I think around Apr or May this year and only 156 pages in it. It covers only 3 major methods (or chapters) of analysis and prediction methods. Need time to absord the contents.


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I was wondering how are you doing with the book. have you had any luck yet.

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link wont open  where do u buy the book??



For folks having trouble with the link:

Paperback edition available from Amazon for $12.95 (20% off sale running now) Author is John Zenman...

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Here it is again

Check to make sure you don't have a popup blocker that is stopping you - disable the popup blocker, then do a hard-refresh (in Internet Explorer hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click the Refresh button on the toolbar).  Then the link should work.

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Amazon has it for $10.36 and the only exploitation is the author making money selling his book. If his formulas worked he'd be rich and not writting books.

Reminds me of the guy the Post Office and IRS fined and stopped for an ad the said, send me $5.00 and I'll make you rich". What you got back was a card" that said "do as I do". 

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Hi Wind Talker how are you doing with the book. Are you having any luck with it. I bought the book.I am just starting to read it.  It does look real detailed. It looks very interesting.

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