florida doubles due??


I could just SCREAM!!! I played 313 14.00 straight tonite and 513 came out. Aren't doubles overdue, anyone have any feelings about 313?? Or any other numbers for florida for thrusday. I also played Casho's 536 combo, so I guess I am a BIG LOSER!!

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Yes.. doubles are extremely due. Watch out for the 88 pair, they haven't hit since October of last year!

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Err.. make that November. November 12th to be exact.

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I would also say to watch out for the triples. 109 draws now since the last trip-hit. Also, those 888s haven't hit since 1992-- they're also part of that 4,000 draw club.


yeah been playing 888 5.00 straight every day since before the 88s hit in november, think I will try 494 heavy today, good luck to you


actually 848 just came out in may I should have remembered that cause I had 838!! I am the Queen of 1 number off!!

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