Won 4/5 in CA Fantasy Five-$518 on 5/23

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I'm kinda proud of this, it's the second 4/5 I've hit, although the first was the result of "birthday numbers".

I do work hard at picking the F5 numbers, it's my favorite game, and I've been studying it for maybe 8 months to a year now, and I believe my approach (not "system") is getting better.

Because it's my favorite game, I'm somewhat sorry that there aren't more posts here regarding systems for it.

The numbers I picked were a combination of past results, hot/cold, and intuition.

What's really funny is that I didn't know I had a  4/5 hit, I thought it was a 3/5 for $19, when the clerk told me it was a 4/5, I thought it was a mistake!

By the way, the 4th nimber was a last minute change based on intuition.

I use LottoPro 2003 for compiling data,filtering, and wheeling, but never for number selection.

I don't play every day, can't afford it, so I generally wait for the pot to roll over a couple of times, this is one way to keep playing costs down.

Thanks for listening to me brag, I would love to hear more posts on the 5pick games, wins/losses, systems, observations, etc.


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Someone that actually won with LottoPro2003. Congratulations!  Most I've got with it on Fantasy Five was 6 hits on 3/5 with 11 replays.  Sometimes you wonder about the testimonials they put on these sites. This was out of 21 plays  last October.



Hi there Well you are to be congradulated on your win. As to tther programs a couple come to mind. The first would be Lotto manager 4.0 from jpm computing has a number of features. In fact lotto edged the Magazine has won the Fantasy 5 a number of times using Lotto manager 4.0 they

Lotto edge also puts out a e book on how to use Lotto manager to it's potential. I've had the program since he came out with it and have a friend in Illinois and we play the little Lotto using what else Lotto manger 4.0 Check it out.


Now for another program that supprised me and it's called Lotto Cheatah Yes that's the way it's spelled. and the first crack out of the barrel we had 3 3's and 4/5 not bad I'd say you might look that up on your web browser. it's a free download and to purchase it it is I believe 12.95 so an adventure in the land of The Cheatah.

Good luck


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