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Traking pairs can in the pick 3 game is one of the best ways to get a winner. Try traking all the even and odd pairs that have hit recently in your state. Then play off the most overdue even and odd pair. Most of the time these even and odd pairs come out as all even or odd number. For example in NY the most overdue even pair is 04. You could play 024,046,048,004, and 044. The most overdue odd pair is 37. You could play 137,357,379,337, and 377. If your on a tight budget just play for the double numbers to hit. This system can also be used for the pick 4 game. Good luck with this stragety, if you have any questons feel free to ask.

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Thanks for that info, Jennilyn

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Hi Rick G, here are the the overdue odd and even pairs for Illinois. Good luck Rick.

Illinois Overdue 04 & 57




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The you start tracking from 30 days or 60 days.

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Your IL

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I'm comi

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Hi Mink, the stragety works best on just the 10 non-match even and odd pairs. That way it is easier on the pocket book. As we know double pairs can take forever to show. Thanks for the heads on the 45 pair for NY, maybe that will bring in the overdue consecutive.

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what is the overdue pairs for Ga?midday&eve  THANKS /TUCKER                                                                                                 

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Jenn I re

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