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I made powerful analysis lottery software for novice and advanced lottery players. This lotto software has a full and abbreviated wheeling system with filters. Any player that is successful uses a wheeling system, but the wheeling system with filters represents the most intelligent way to win! Lotto Creo offers up to 8 filter categories. Lotto Creo also has many statistical graphs (up to 14 graphs). Lotto Creo is a prediction lottery software. It uses advanced statistical analysis to detect winning patterns. This possibility is possessed only by Lotto Creo. Lotto software Creo helps you to play the lottery in an intelligent and simple way. The lotto program Lotto Creo works with lotteries; Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7.  


NOTE: SKFsoft is mentioned on a board that is competing with us for the Diamond Web Award.

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SK... Do you prefer ANNUITY or cash?


AIG: If Croatia has a lottery, most likely all the prizes are lump sum.



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