What 1 number we are playing in GA eve

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I like

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I will go with 006 tonight.  The 00 pair hasn't fell on Ga eve since Jan 1, and combined, since Feb 26.  Also, I'm showing that we haven't seen a sum 6 on Ga eve since Feb 25.  Might be smart to play the other nine 00xcombos at 1.50 each, as well.

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I see you keep up with the sums also. I have being tracking them for two months. You are right the 6 and 7 is overdue. I am trying to trap the right # from those two sums because they are coming sooner or later. Looking for that big payday.

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 I like 590


600 ...700..660..770..998..988..884..844

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Ruff Ruff Ruff,,,,, hmmmm, the sum 6 or 7.... LET's see what I can BARK up..........,. RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF

                     565 529 286 835 466 395 638 

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What about 067?

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IWish Great call on the over due sum 7

430 ga looking for  sum 6 132 051 420 411 330.good luck.

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I like 132 (been playing it as 312 or 213) and 411.  I can't ignore the 222s either.  I know it's a long shot, but I can't get off of 'em because I've been playing them too long.  Have a good one!

Sista Dee 

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