Do lottery systems really work?

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This is fun!

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I use lottery systems to make a decision on what to play. If I am correct on my decision I collect. If I am wrong I lose by my decision.


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Okay,Mr.Covenant once again you have missed the point I'm trying too make entirely,first of all your wrong about the lottery going broke if someone had a system that actually worked when you consider the fact that just about every single day a lottery game of some kind is being won whether it's with quick-picks,lucky numbers

or lottery systems.Most of these wins are in the pick-3,4 and 5 games and they are being won by SYSTEMS and the lottery is still in business.Even if someone was able to hit a pick-6 lottery once every week all the losing tickets alone would be enough for the lottery too stay in business,even if someone were able too hit the daily games weekly or pick-5 they still would get money from the losers as profit.Now the only way too break them would be if every person in the USA was winning on a daily basis with no losers anywhere.Now your comments about if someone had a winning system that they could hit with on a regular basis,they wouldn't share it your probably right depending who the individual was but I personally know players that do hit in the daily games regularly and the system they use is the same one's used in Casino Gambling,plus there is another system I know of personally that can be used in a lottery pool that would yield consistant wins.If a player is excellent at selecting a group of numbers say 12-18 numbers with just 3-5 filters in a pick-5 for example and split the cost of the wheel with his group he can have consistant hits.We aren't talking about ROCKET SCIENCE here it's really quite simple if you have the TOOLS,MANPOWER and MONEY.So basically it is possible too increase your chances of winning just by selecting and playing MORE numbers as opposed too just trying too pick the EXACT 5 numbers like MOST people try too do.Also I might add if you use the Quick-Pick SYSTEM and purchase 100 tickets your chances of getting hits are greater than someone who just buys 10 tickets.I don't know where you get your analogies from but they are definitely out of this world and having a poll on whether systems really work is absurd when you just agreed that they do and anyone here on the Post that has won anything using Quick-Picks,Software,Number Selection Strategies,Lucky Numbers or pulled six numbers out of there butt and WON did it using a SYSTEM!! so there for your poll isn't needed as this has already been proven by the many winners across the United States.

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Lottowiz34, I take it you voted "Yes"?

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You guessed right my friend!!!

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Well your Little Poll seems too agree with what I believe to be true SYSTEMS DO WORK AND INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING!!!!!

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The systems I am refering to is the software that claims to be able to increase your odds of winning by "predicting" numbers. I agree that everything has a pattern. If you throw a handful of BB's on the floor it will form a pattern. But there is no way to predict what that pattern will be before you throw them.

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Systems... yes or no

Tonight's NY Take 5 dwg       1-15-17-21-33  Using a Gail Howard Wheeling System whether wheeling the 20 odd numbers or using a Power Number(s) you would of cleaned house.... JMHO


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Hindsight is 20/20

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in the "minority". i like being in the minority. (hint)

you are brave posting that poll todd (wink)

post the statistics on big jackpot games (quick pick vs. "systems").

got my own "system" (hint)



Quote:Originally posted by Thomas Covenant on February 18, 2003

The systems I am refering to is the software that claims to be able to increase your odds of winning by "predicting" numbers. I agree that everything has a pattern. If you throw a handful of BB's on the floor it will form a pattern. But there is no way to predict what that pattern will be before you throw them.


And which software is that?  If you use any system, you improve your odds.  IT doesnt mean you will win, it just means you improve your odds.  Probability is not rocket science, but it is mathematics.  And fortunately, the lottery is dictated/goverened by the same rules that apply to probability, period.



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Okay Mr.Covenant I agree that the majority of the prorams that claim too be able too PREDICT numbers cannot do so,I mostly use Lottery Analysis Software that helps the player make an educated decision on what GROUP of numbers too play.Now having said that let me tell you of a very SMALL percentage of programs that can predict the numbers that a lot of players aren't aware of,this percentage is very small maybe 3-5 at the most out of the MANY programs claiming too predict numbers.I happen too have 2 of them I just recently got my hands on,and testing one program so far in the FL pick-3 on 2/07 it generated 20 combo's with the 18th hitting 665 straight,then I tested the Pick-5 in IL and it generated 50 combo's with the last one hitting 4 numbers.The way I tested it was I enter the required amount of past draws but leaving out the most recent one too see if it could select the numbers drawn and in both tests it did pretty damn good because I've tested MANY programs that had so-called prediction capabilities

and they never performed like this.This wasn't luck or related too chance the program did this based on "Analysis" the fact that it did it twice for 2 different games shows that this was more than just a LUCKY DRAW.I've decided too select a particular game and try it with real bets with my Lottery Group at a later date.

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Excuse me I have 3 programs that are capable of increasing your odds of winning,and I've decided not too use the term PREDICTING because these programs aren't PSYCHIC they use "Number Analysis" techniques developed by the programmers.These 3 programs are Lotto-Cheetah,WinHunter and Your-Lucky-Numbers 2001.

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Post statistics on Big Jackpot games? quick-picks versus systems? you can't post statistics on these two methods both are SYSTEMS,besides out of these 2 SYSTEMS

quick-picks will have HIGHER statistics mainly because

that's the preferred method by the majority of Lottery Players to use.

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Quote:Originally posted by Lottowiz34 on February 19, 2003

Excuse me I have 3 programs that are capable of increasing your odds of winning,and I've decided not too use the term PREDICTING because these programs aren't PSYCHIC they use "Number Analysis" techniques developed by the programmers.These 3 programs are Lotto-Cheetah,WinHunter and Your-Lucky-Numbers 2001.

How does it increase your odds? Exactly what type of "Number Analysis" techniques does the programs use? Are these programmers degreed mathematicians? Most mathematicians say you can't increase your odds by using a Number Analysis program.
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Does anyone have a winning story to share?  Everybody here claims to play the lotteries, so with odds of losing being real high, there got to be at least one winner among us.  So lets hear from some winners.



Even when I delivered (NY) Lottery New$ magazine, which folded in December 2001, I didn't pay any attention to Gail Howard or any of the columnists' various systems.


Oops! I forgot I voted

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Good Morning Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.

I need some help.

I play the daily Florida, Illinois Midday & Evening games everyday.

I'm in the market for a GOOD pick-3/pick-4 lottery software.

I've downloaded the p34 lotto 15-day trial version, but

I'm having the time of my live understanding it.

I don't think that program was ment for beginners.

Can someone out there recomend a GOOD easy to use,

more user friendly software. p34 lotto is definitely not

the one.

Maybe someone out there can explain what p34 lotto is all about.

I've also downloaded the Maxhit Demo lottery software,

this one is more user friendly and easy to understand. I'm still

evaluating it. If there is anyone out there that uses it,

Please tell me what you think of it.

Thanks for any assistance given..


You can't win if you don't play...


i like lot
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i am not exactly s



Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I just wanted to

add mine. You state "to quit wasting time on analysis, buying books, etc and just buy a quick pick" and I firmly

disagree with you. I have always had a desire to help people in my life and didn't want anyone to miss a chance

winning the lottery because of your views.

I started analyzing the Canadian lottery almost a year ago

and have won numourous prizes. (enough to quit my job and

pay off my mortgage) I'm not a millionaire. I think this board needs a discussion forum for upcoming draws and numbers chosen for your lotteries and how they came to pick certain numbers. I will then find time to add

my own systems and numbers for you to be amazed!



I did evaluate this program a while back upon a friend's request.

Overall, LottoCheatah is just a glorified Quick Pick system with

repeating numbers.

I was more than willing to give this BC programmer a fair shot at his

program, but it's really only good for people that don't want to


In the history list I can select a past draw, but pressing OK does

nothing. I would like LottoCheatah to allow users to pick an old draw

and then use this as the current draw for testing purposes. This way

I can look back at old draws, experiment with depth and weight, in

order to find a good combo that gives the best match available for

the following draw in the history. This also helps to evaluate

LottoCheatah's performance. What would be more useful is to have the

program calculate the best weight/depth for previous draws for the

following 3 draws.

- in the 'enter my own pick' dialogue, let the user just enter 1-3

numbers as their "chosen numbers", and then have the program

generate the remaining most-likely numbers based on the stats.

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qdqrl,I like the way you think and I also like too hear the views of a "Professional Player" and not someone who just leaves it too "Lady Luck" I believe quick-picks work but they aren't consistant and you will never be able too play the lottery games and hope too win on a regular basis.If your a "Recreational Player" then winning once every "Blue Moon" will do but if your a "Professional Player" then that won't do.I've never tried too sway anyone in here into using Lottery Systems over Quick-Picks because they are systems too,but when they would say Lottery Systems can't or don't work I had a problem with that,so I've basically stopped debating this with the "Non-Believers"

because I realised they have "no common sense" regarding the matter especially when they would say quick-picks aren't a system which is totally ridiculous.

But your statements just proves what I was trying too say all along,Systems "DRAMATICALLY INCREASE" your chances of winning whether it's small or large prizes

in all the games pick-3,4,5 and 6.I was asked too challenge my system with quick-picks but felt there wasn't a need for it because I'm not trying too disprove whether quick-picks work or whether lottery systems are a better form of playing.Some players do well with quick-picks others don't some players do well using Lottery Systems other's don't.Anyway glad too hear your a Professional and REALLY understand the science behind random numbers and the laws of probability in games of chance.I use too be a Non-Believer until I did experiments and found systems too be a great tool as I was able too hit the numbers after never doing so using quick-picks or any other non

statistical\analysis method.



No offence taken, Now go back to work!



Thanks for your refreshing words although I'm not sure if I consider myself a "professional player". I met a couple

of such players (in my opinion) that since proved to me how far I still need to go. I wish I had more time to go through everything but I need to finish the "Canada Super 7" tonight than I'm flying Saturday mourning to your great country to see Mickey Mouse as promised.

In the meantime I think there was mention of the software

Lottery Director. This is one of the programs I sometimes use.

Short List of things to ananlyze in that program for those of you who want to start winning.

1. Play close attention to next following draw in the "next draw options"

Look at last 20, 50, 200, 600, 900 only.

Find numbers that are repeating alot, specially #'s that

are trending and have low wins in the entire history.

2. Start in last 200 draws "intervals" and take note of

what numbers are good to show. then look at those same

numbers in the last 900 draws and check their stability.

3. Write down your draws previous winning numbers and #'s they have paired well with in the last 20, 300, 900 draws

Take those 2 #'s and do a search for them and write down all the draws that came after them. Do this for all your pairs. These are called "double announcers"

This is all I have time for but this is at least a start

for people not currently analyzing.



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how does this stuff find me.

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qdqrl,your approach too the game is "Professional" that's why I call you a "Professional Player" you take the time too analyse what's going on in the game and don't rely on "LUCK" too do it.You don't need too prove whether your methods work consistantly as long as they are producing hits for you too the point that you were able too quit your job,that's consistant enough and anyone with an Intelligent approach too the game will agree.I know of several players that play for a living and do very well for themselves.Posting your numbers here won't necessarily change the minds of those who are stuck in there own beliefs regarding the lottery being "TOO RANDOM" too make a difference by analysing the numbers,so I'd just post just too help someone that isn't having any luck or give them the information too do it on there own like you did.

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lottowiz, "BUMP"

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