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Sorry, I believe this went into the wrong thread. So here it goes again.

Sorry to hear about the situation with your computer. I think you are doing great with your TTT puzzles. Thanks for sharing your newly found winning patterns. I will add those to my bag of tricks.

In regards to your question to Lucky about a Pick4 TTT, since he said he did not have one, I am taking the liberty to respond.  I believe you can come up with a similar system for Pick4 by applying the same steps Lucky does for the Pick3. You will have to incorporate a little bit more. This is what I mean.

Take for example, Georgia's midday 9005

9005 + 1+2+3+4

9005 1-1-1-1

9005 +1+1+1+1 (to get your 4th line of numbers)

9005 +2+3+5+8

Then do the 235 part (include +8 to the final digit). Reason I chose 8 is because you have one number skip between the 1st and 2nd digits, then you have 2 skips between the second and third digit, so we will add 3 skips to the last digit, making it an 8. This will also also give you a balanced 2 even and 2 odd numbers to add to your base number.

After you do your math, set up your ttt with the numbers that you come up with. Pick your numbers by following Lucky's or similar examples. You can develop your own or try some of your "flipping" patterns. Try it with some of the previous winners and see how it performs.  Have fun and LOL (Lots of Luck). Let us know how it works


I want to thank you for that Cash 4 TTT.

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I hope you enjoy working with it and most of all, winning some $$$. 

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