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Hi Sandy,

It was great to hear from you.  Hoping you are feeling better today.  Take each day at a time, my prayers are always that you recuperate to the fullest .

I haven't won anything since you left, been close but that's about it.  I've mostly been concentrating on some new workouts. 

Drop-in anytime you feel like saying hello, it always good to hear from you.  Take care and rest for the next hurdle.  May God bless and keep you.




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Phyllis, thank you so much.  My husband was just explaining at work the process that I need to get thru yet.  The biggie is coming sometime in the next 2 or 3 weeks.  I would just as soon get it over with, but they want to monitor me for awhile before they put me under the knife again.  God has granted me wonderful doctors. A friend of mine stopped by our house tonight and she was just amazed that I was up and around.  She told me if someone would see me on the street, they would never know what I have been thru...I told is called "tough"......being "tough"....I am a tough cookie to get down...I think I am gonna make an apple pie tomorrow...just for one 

Anyway, keep at those workouts.  Ya never know what could turn out.  Well, back to watching the Angels/Yankees game........Yanks are



jj uu


Sorry, I hit the wrong stuff on the keyboard. I'm just learning the system (software).  Thanks.


Hi SandyK,

I just read about your being in the hospital or some medical problem you're going through. I don't read the message boards here at the Lotterypost very much so I didn't and don't know what happened to you .

But, in any dvent......My prayers will be with you SandyK

Keep positive- keep being strong !!

Remember-------you're never alone in this world ...God is always there beside you and even though we sometimes don't understand Gods ways we must except them and trust in them fully.

Not easy at times.....but, All I can say is

Trust in the Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless




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Hey Lottoways, how the heck are ya?  Doing well I hope.

Thanks for the best wishes.  I made an apple pie today and does that tell ya something?  Yup........good mood. 

Always remember, when someone feels sorry for themselves, look around and you can always see someone in worse shape.  My mom always has said, "God doesn't give anyone more than they can handle."  I always think about that statement.  So, I will be fine.  He is with me, walking beside me, my hand in His. 

Take care of yourself and thanks again.

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Dear Sandy, I knew you were missing but I did not know you were in the hospital..hope everything is ..May God keep you Close in His shadow....


hi SandyK, glad you are feeling better. tomarrow i will be going to surgery for the 7th. time in two years, but God is good, and i have no fear, he's been with me thro it all, and he will do it for you, and anybody else who thrust in him. peace and love.


p.s. Sandy, Mich. started playing on Sunday today the number was 866-2205.

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hampton, i don't know you but i am sensitive to your situation about going into the hospital.  my prayers are with you for tomorrow...

much love,  ......................visiondude

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Margo, good luck today in surgery.  My prayers are with you.  Wow, between the two of us, we could support a doctor or

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LittleOldLady, thank you for the kind words.  Hope you are doing well with your systems.  Hang in there.

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a prayer for healing is going out to all

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Thank you, my friend.

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