Luck strike near home in Michigan!!!!

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About two or three months ago someone in the U.P. of Michigan won $50,000 on a $3 ticket. They won that about 20 miles from where I live. Around the same time a store about 15 miles away sold a $10,000 winner on a $5 ticket. And now just last week a guy won $200,000 on a $5 which is the top prize bought from a store that is like 10 miles away. $200,000...that is a lot of money....and the ticket was bought at this very little store in this very little town. The funny part is that this store also sold a $19,000 winning Michigan Rolldown ticket last December. Lucky store hey. I mean WOW! This town that I live in ins't big of anything either. I am really suprised to hear of all these winners. Just wish one could be scratched under my fingers...haha...Well just though you guys would like to know a little info!
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Yo Bradly, That happens sometimes. Unexplainable. We have a small little town in California called Baker. It is in the desert, on I-15 on the way to Las Vegas from the Southern California area. Many wins originate from that little town.

BTW, I was stationed at K.I. Sawyer AFB in Gwinn, Michigan in 1958. Lived in Marquette, just a few blocks from Lake Superior. Are you living in that area? Just keep on buying tickets from that lucky store.

       John in Escondido, California

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Really you lived by Marquette. I am from Houghton area. Yeah i think i will by my tickets from the store now. :)


Be niceiftheylet some of that come to thehood where I live; not hating on you, but only the suburbenites win; never in the hood of detroit.


Maybe its the idea that everyone with no money dont need any. It has never been a large winner of anything below 8 mile. The Michigan Lottery just pacify people with $41 here of $291 on a 3 digit all they giving us over here in the hood; never nothing big.

Im doing a study and so far the ghetto's of detroit need to quite playing cause they are getting shafted.

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My daughter graduated from Michigan Tech. What town was that hit in? Just curious. I know the UP quite well as we were going up there for 4 years.

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John, all the time I have known you, you never mentioned about being stationed there. It is beautiful country that's for sure. My daughter went to Michigan TEch and loved the friggin snow and cold. I thought she was crazy till we went up to visit her and saw for myself. It was very, very beautiful.


Sandy, I have lived in many places on this earth during my life time. UP was just a short little stop for me, 6 months there. Had to re-enlist out of there to California. I could not handle the bitter cold and deep snow. After Oxnard AFB, CA it was on to Lowry AFB in Colorado, then on to Massachussetts. I was there 1.5 years, then on to tropical Okinawa. Then back to the States and Alamogordo, NM. From there on to the Viet Nam war. Lots of other stops before UP and more stops after the Viet Nam war. Finally in June of 1972 I retired from the Air Force at George AFB in Victorville, CA. Then worked for Grumman Aeorospace in CA, NY, Iran, Egypt, and cruising on Aircraft Carriers. After 20 years with Grumman as a Field Engineer I finally retired from work in October of 1992 at NAS Miramar, CA, my Paradise. Didn't mean to be this boring, this is the Lottery board after all. Anyway, tonights CA Fantasy-5 numbers were   14-07-09-06-21 and Daily-3   158.

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Bradly, Was only there 6 months. We had 2 radio stations and one TV station in the area in 1958. Ishpeming, Negaunee, and St.Saint Marie come to mind. In the winter while I was there getting to K.I. Sawyer was very hard. Most of the time the roads were snowed in, and not enough snow removal equipment to go around. So we just stayed home after calling in. After a while it got boring, so I re-enlisted out of there to sunny and warm California.

      John in Escondid, CA   - Lawrence Welk Resort Country

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I live like 5 miles away from Michigan Tech. Actually the town that the $200,000 winner came from is right across the Portage Lake Canal from Michigan Tech. Not far at all. I actually have bought tickets from the store that sold the $200,000 winner. Wow someone around here just got $137,000 after taxes. Too bad it wasn't me :(

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