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I was just curious if other people here buy mistakes that clerks make. For instance, earlier today I asked for 1 Powerball ticket WITH the Power Play. But the guy printed up 1 ticket, then a second ticket with the Power Play. I decided NOT to buy the extra ticket.

What do you normally do in a situation like that?


Some times I do, sometimes I don't.. depends on:

1) what did they mistake example... In NH I ask for Hot Lotto and I get Cash lotto.. I'll accept that.. but if in MA and ask for Mass Cash and get Mass Millions, probably not...

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I actually have a bit of superstition about that -- I love to buy "mistakes" that other people reject! I can't explain it with some kind of big wins off that method, but I cannot pass up the opportunity if I see a clerk make a mistake on someone else's ticket.


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hard choice since i heard a true story about one person that had that happen to them. they elected to take the ticket and ended up winning with that ticket........visiondude


Cry if that ticket wins. Never pass up a mistake. You never know when divine providence strikes.(Just a figure of speech).


Sometimes I buy a ticket that was a "mistake". It does make one's mind wander...could someone's mistake be someone elses big gain of wealth! It sure would be nice!!!


I would just take the extra ticket...and hope. I heard about this one story YEARS ago, about someone who thought it would be a good gift to give someone a lottery ticket(s). The buyer wanted the ticket for a certain date (probably the date the person was to receive the present) and the clerk just rang the ticket up as she always does. This was back in the days when they probably didn't have 'advance draws' and certain not the ability to skip draws. The customer refused the 'bad' ticket so the clerk decided that she was going to 'eat' it. Why not, you never know? Well, after the next drawing, the clerk discovered she owed Uncle Sam alot more money then she was use to paying. Don't remember what her winnings were....but they were considered alot back then. Being the sadistic ba$tard that I am, I hope the customer (and the person that almost received the winning ticket as a present) found out about their near hit.


I haven't really run into that problem much. But the other day I bought some Super 6 tickets and I messed up filling out the game slip. So I ended up with I think $5 worth on two seperate tickets... one was cash option(which is what I wanted) and the other(that I messed up on) was annuity. I decided to keep the annuity ticket, basically because I thought "well, I probably won't win... and if I do, so what, I get like $100,000 a year for 25 years."

I don't know if I'll always keep the wrong ticket, but that time I did.

Another story I have is about a time I had my dad and my sister play Mega Millions for me near the end of June when they traveled through OH on their way to TN. I gave them $20 and told them to play one set of numbers for me and to have the rest be quick picks. The clerk messed up and played my one set of numbers 30 times :-| If I was there I definitely would have told the clerk to eat that ticket.


MrCoolSoul: Have you noticed that Powerball allows you to choose AFTER you win, but with Super-6 an "ANNUITY" ticket _cannot_ be changed to "cash" if you hit the jackpot?   Super-6 will be gone soon anyway.


I would never accept a "Mass Millions" 6/49 ticket either. You know why.


I always purchase a mistake, when ever the opportunity arises, just something I like to do.

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i purchase mistakes. got a straight on c3 that way.

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If there're mistakes on my pick 3 numbers (usually a repeat entry by the clerk) I always take it. My lottery guy will give me the ticket for free and we will split 50-50 if it comes in. I haven't been able to cash in on that situation yet...

I buy my tickets from the same guy all the time because he makes very few mistakes, but I still check them to make sure.

Rick G.



As a clerk I have seen, or at least been made aware, of some degree of success with mistakes.

I have personnally seen $2 scratch-offs put back on the roll only to give the next player a $50.00 winner.

I have been made aware of a few daily game mistakes that pulled some boxed hits. Once for the player who decided to keep the mistake. Once for a co-worker who bought the mistake.

I have also seen mistakes pay nothing. So use your own judgement.

Don't rely on some sort of intuition/extra sense to help you choose. If it's a good number then keep it. If it's not then don't waste your money.



That reminds me of this guy telling the clerk that he bought a pick 3 ticket for his friend. His friend wanted something like 231 and he played 312. So, even though he did a favor for his friend by buying his 'midday' ticket, he screwed up and now owes his friend something like $200. Now, what would his friend at work say if 231 was drawn instead.....?

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