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Has anyone heard of Ken Silver's Lotto Link system? His website seems to be a lot of hype with not many details.

Has anyone used his system?

Thanks ahead of time.

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I could not make sense of it. It is kind of like a pyramid thing where you sign people up. Not much lottery as far as I can see. Kind of a telemarketing thing only over the internet


Ken Silver has two products in his website, one is the lottery system and the other one is the MLM franchise. I don't know about the MLM, but I have used his system. It basically consists of a static wheel for Lotto games. It works well if you are part of a pool or if you have a lot of money and patience. Because of the way the numbers are wheel (no balance, no concern for too many highs/lows odds/evens, etc...) the idea behind it, is that eventually you will hit the lotto. Whenever there is a big prize in my local lotto, I get some friends together and use his wheel. But I wouldn't be able to do it on my own or for longer than a couple of draws. (The whole wheel is 120 numbers for 60 dollars in my case).
I hope this is useful.


I purchased his system and recently purchased Steve Player's Profile system. The two systems are very, very similar. I tested each system with various past results for Pick 5 and pick 6 games and continually only ended up with 3 of 5 winners. The concept of most likely pairs and combinations makes sense but I was unable to hit the jackpot even after several trial tests of my own.


Thanks for your input/comments. I appreciate it. By the way, what is a "static wheel"? Thanks again.


Thanks Glenn.


Usually wheels can be of several types:
1. Balanced (the most effective, you only use certain combinations that have the highest probabilities of winning)
2. Extended wheels (these are the wheels with all the possible combinations, regardless of balances, i.e. number of high vs. low numbers, odd vs. even, etc...)
The numbers use for the wheels must be adjusted for the most recent lottery draws. If you use a wheel based on current numbers that is an "active" wheel, if you use just the numbers according to any other criteria (put some odds here, some highs over there, etc...) that is a "passive" wheel. In my opinion, passive wheels are "static," they don't evolve with the lottery draws...
So for example, if the combination 1-2-3-4-5-6 have never come out in your lottery, and you made your wheels with that consideration, and suddenly 1-2-3-4-5-6 (or any other 6 consecutive number combination) came out. The chances of another one appearing in the near future are nil. A passive or static wheel, would not be able to deal with it.
But that's just me, for some people the odds of winning the lottery are so high, that any system is a major improvement, and wheels are among the most popular systems.
Good luck.

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