Michigan-Goldrun123 is Hot this month


since the first of the month there have been 13 hits from the hot shot page and still going strong. Goldie kept up the good work, there were other nu's that fell that was'nt in the hot shot that hit also.


The name is Bob also from Michigan. About goldie's
numbers ---there might have been 13 hits on his board
for July but you have to pick your number out of about 70
numbers for July. I joined for a Month and haven't hit
at all. Don't know how you hit but you must be lucky.
I seen one number show up in the daily numbers this week
from monday to thursday. You have to pick out one
number out of about 40 to 60 numbers a crack. You must
have a super way of getting them. Anyway no hits here.
Bob in Michigan

Goldie_Locks's avatar - anglewings

Taking care of business in looking for like numbers each
day was the name of the game.. A few lost dollars were
that no one saw....

139 Hit on the 13th
Was a Pick of the Month on the HotShot list and followed;
042 on the 8th
368 on the 9th
251 on the 11th
965 on the 12th
729 on the 13th -midday...just three like numbers 139

729 Hit Midday on the 13th
Was a Pick of the Month on the HotShot List twice as
729 Straight and 927, followed:
170 on the 11th
965 on the 12th-midday
752 PREDICTED TO HIT on the 12th... hit on the 13th??????

368 on the 9th Was a Pick of the Month on the HotShot List
twice as 638 and 863 and Followed:
627 on the 4th
888 on the 5th
042 on the 8th
766 on the 9th-Midday, Hit on the 9th evening????hummmm

062 Followed 994 predicted to hit on the 2nd-middya
062 Followed 741 on the 2nd Evening
062 Followed 921 on the 3rd.
062 Followed 627 on the 4th
Skipped to the 8th and predicted to hit as 620??

962 Hit on the 5th following 422 THREE TIMES AS
269, 296, 962 Straight and PREDICTED to hit as 269
Then again followed 921 on the 3rd.. Hit on the 5th

238 followed 980 on the 23rd of June
238 Followed o63 on the 24th
238 Followed 443 on the 26th
238 Followed 623 TWICE on the 28th
238 HIT ON THE 29TH.

422 hit on the 1st of July and was a Pick of the MOnth
on the HOTSHOT LISTS TWICE AS 244, 224..
Followed 928 on the 26th
Followed 443 PREDICTED TO HIT on the 26th Evening
Followed 495 on the 27th
Followed 623 PREDICTED AGAIN to hit on the 28th
Followed 070 on the 29th......

Just three numbers from draw to draw...hard to see
Taking care of business is the first prioty...looking
at one draw and the next, printing off each and circling
like numbers....some already done....

There are no flashing lites....look at the money lost
here....100 plus other members must be doing ok...can't
see anything wrong about looking for 3 identical numbers
following each hit...

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