trying something new pp3


1997 data base til now =043
july data base=906
june til now data base=191
trying to allow for changing of the balls -i believe they changed after the number 382--if i get time i will start a data base from there too--goodluck georgia

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hi, I have the pp3, but am having trouble downloading the numbers to the system. I am in GA. I have this link, , which I cut and pasted the number from. Everytime i download the numbers to the PP3, only the # 5 4 4 is in the frame. what am I doing wring? Thanks for any help.

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i'm in ga. too. go to pick


I have read a lot around here about the PP-3. I wish I could say something, I have been unable to download it. I click the link to download the demo, I get a page with an icon on the middle, and nothing else. There's nothing in my desktop or there a glitch or a secret handshake I need to know about.

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