Bid Online 2000 has 365 straight predicted on the 9th!!!

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Greetings all the Green Sage here and I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. Here in Ga we call him the Bird because he has a sharp eye for numbers!! He predicts mostly straight hits and his numbers hit most of the time month in and month out! Checking through my various sheets of data I notice he predicted 365 along with 589 on july the 9th and here it came today. He called it a delayed vibe. So without further delay I would like to introduce to you the bird.

You can visit his site and message board at..

The site takes a little time to load and it does with errors, but go to the message board and flip through some of his past posts.

We are always trying to bring us lottery players all over the world together to help one another and I just wanted to share another of my lottery buddies with the post! You know as always with the Sage I keep sa mall circle of highly skilled lottery players and predictions and The bird is one of the best at what he does!! Take care all



Do you have any useful info for Illinois?

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