Pushing the Big Game??


Hello All,

I believe I might be off base with this, considering how it would seem that the Big Game sales in NY but I've noticed something..

The stores and clerks seem to be pushing Big Game alot more lately here in good old MA.. What I mean is more signs of jackpot amounts in the counters and them asking/ suggesting you pick up a couple for the game.. Anyone else notice this?

Just curious..

Oh and just a word.. this forum seems to be heading down the tubes with all the posturing, fighting, and other nonsense.. I'd hate to see that happen to Todd's fine website.. so perhaps some of us should think about checking the egos and bulls**t at the door?


Someday: If I were a MA lottery agent, I would try to get all Megabucks/Mass Millions players to switch to Mega Millions, and emphasize that Mega Millions winners CAN collect in lump sum, which of course they can't in the 6/42 and 6/49. (Of course, the MA Lottery might take an agent's machine away if he/she discouraged people from playing the 6/42 and/or 6/49.) Besides, the MA 6/42 and 6/49 both have been hit in the last couple weeks. Hope you're still playing "Hot Lotto" even with its recent jackpot hit.



Lately I've been going for the smaller games (Mass Cash, Cash Lotto (NH)) Not looking to buy a state ya know... I have picked up 6 quick picks for the Big Game and have stayed away from Mass Millions, Megabucks and all that fun stuff.

I won't be trying Hot Lotto until it's up a bit higher (ya I know that logic doesn't make any sense given the above sentence but hey that's me) I guess I'm just looking at the odds on Hot Lotto and saying wait till it's up above 2 million at least.

As far as the Big Game goes, I'll play a couple but I doubt they'll see me ever get more than maybe 10 bucks worth even if it's up to 500 million, the odds are just insane.. and that much cash is just asking for trouble IMO.


Someday: You have to wonder why Mass Cash, which began in 1991, _still_ is drawn only TWICE a week. The pick-5 games in CT, NY, NJ, PA, (and some other games) are drawn SEVEN days a week! Other than Powerball/Hot Lotto, I don't pay much attention to the games north of Massachusetts.

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