shouldve won powerball

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cause of that delay it threw everything off for me...thank you very much...i did match 4+1 for however much that is. was one off from winning it all. and the funny thing is that i had 4 instead of 3. but i had 3 right above the 4. no joke. i think i may win the cash 5 this week or something. this week i want to cash in about $300k. im really close though to winning that powerball game.

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Oh my, you did it again! I guess I need to buy me some hydro!



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list of games i will win this upcoming week.
1. pa cash 5 jackpot
2. pa super 6
3. powerball
4. mega millions
i will be the one and only icon around here. all these prizes will be donated to charity except for #4. ive been having my eye on that game for a while now and tuesday will be the day i collect MEGA millions.

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what exactly shall i check out? be a lil more specific.


EZ, can you throw us a towel here in Illinois. How about the Little Lotto or Pick 4 numbers.

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