Bank interest rates if one wins


I heard that for every million one puts in a bank they can get about $6000 back a month. So potentially if I put 30 million in the bank I can get back $160000 a month. Is this true??? How does it work???


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interest rates vary from institution to institution and the amount you put in the bank. ive never had 100 million dollars so i cant say how much you can earn. but if you could get 10 percent annually from a cd that would be good. ive also vaguely read about jumbo cd's(HUGE deposits) where you can earn between 1-2% a month...? not sure about any of this so dont quote me on any of this.


Actually, your best bets for your money would be those that would give you either very high returns (hedge funds, foreign exchange accounts, etc) or those that would give you moderate returns with little or no tax liability (US Treasury bonds, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac securities, municipal bonds). If you asked my two bits, I would recommend a 60-30-10 strategy. 60% high risk, 30% low risk, 10% cash (money market accounts, checking with interest, etc.) Another one last piece of advice, diversify!!! Don't use the same bank or broker for all of the above, you want to protect yourself from the bank or the broker selling you stuff you don't need or want.
Whatever the outcome, bear in mind that up to 2/3rds of all lottery multimillionaires end up poorer than before winning the lottery in 5 years or less. So if you ever win big, use 5% to 10% of the lump sum and blow it!!! Go shopping, travel to Vegas, book the best restaurant in town and invite your closest 200 this and get it out of your system, once and for all....and bid good bye to that life. Go back to reality after 60 days and sit down and plan how do you really want to live, where do you want to live and where do you want to invest.
Check for more advice or find a book about managing sudden wealth.
Best of lucks!!!


Thanks for the advice. :-)


You're welcome!!!

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