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It's interesting how you can shop at a store like Wal-Mart without getting any idea what the owners are thinking.

Recently Wal-Mart has put up a website to promote and sell merchandise and have begun searching for approporiate web sites to host their banners advertising the new web site.

I don't know about you, but I've shopped at Wal-Mart for years and was rather surprised to learn some of the kinds of web sites Wal-Mart finds unacceptable including those that 'Promote alcohol, tobacco, gambling/lottery' in any way

I wrote to and asked how they could be against sites about alcohol, tobacco, gambling/lottery, etc. when Wal-Mart sells acohol, tobacco, firearms and promotes gambling to children. I asked this twice and never got an answer.

A friend told me that while our local super wal-mart has whole aisles of beer, wine, cigarettes, (and if those crane/claw machines aren't gambling for children I don't know what is) they don't want the folks back in Trailerparkansaw to know what they do on the east and west coast.

If your way of life includes Wal-Mart, I'm not saying you should change, but be aware how Wal-Mart Corp feels about our hobby and try and give support to the business where you buy your tickets.

Here is the copy and paste of their rules for hosting their web site banner. will not accept into its affiliate program sites
that fit the following descriptions:

· Promote sexually explicit material
· Promote violence or hate toward any persons or groups
· Promote illegal activities
· Promote alcohol, tobacco, gambling/lottery in any way
· Promote the use of pyramid, ¿ponzi¿, or similar investment schemes
· Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality,
disability, sexual orientation, or age
· Contain, in our sole judgment, material that is defamatory,
fraudulent, or harassing to us or any third party
· Include ¿walmart¿, ¿wal-mart¿ or variations or misspellings thereof
in their domain names
· Otherwise violate intellectual property rights of,
Wal-Mart Stores or its suppliers
· Disparage, Wal-Mart Stores or their suppliers
· Are under construction or not live at the time of application
· Require a username and password to access
· Are non-US based or are sites that primarily serve a non-US based
· Any other reason based on Wal-Mart's sole judgment.


The Affiliate Team


I live just SIX miles from their house!


I intended to respond to the other dude, but couldn't pass up the opportunity of your subject. ha,ha.
Back to BobP...
Why don't you leave WalMart alone. You are just trying to stir up something. If you don't approve of them, then, don't go there, but you needn't try to influence others with your way of life. (possibly alcohol, tobacco, sex, racial injustice, etc.) You seem to have a slanderous nature about you.
What we need in this country is more morals and if WalMart authorities wish to try to convey that, then more power to them.
Yeah! for WalMart.



By any chance are you a U2 fan? If so, go out a grab the DVD of their Elevation tour.. It was recorded at the Fleetcenter in Boston..

The track you'll want to listen to is Bullet the Blue Sky.. Make sure you start watching it from the beginning of the song.. and perhaps you'll understand that a company can't be very moral if they sell guns, tobacco, and "the sauce" while at the same time they dare to say we won't do business with sites that sell this or that... Do they do business with themselves?

Now don't get me wrong, I'll shop at Walmart.. but as far as them being the source for moral high ground? I don't think so..

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frankly, my dear .....

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