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re: i am sending this e-mail, because i feel that Red (cash-ology34) have done Michigan player wrong about sending our monthly sheet that we have paid for, here it is in the middle of month, and no sheet. i feel that is so wrong for him to do this. i want my sheet and on time like GA. people, i paid my money for a year, and they won't send our monthly on time, i'm pissed. i have e-mail him seveal times, and he won't even reply. so i was wondering if anymore people in Mich. got there monthly sheet from Red. i hated to put this on the forum like this, but i had to because i am pissed. this is bad business, and why can't Mich. get there sheet on time like GA?

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I know TGirl is having the same problem for Michigan.

I think Cash-o-logist bit off more than he can chew.

He should refund your money if he can't provide the service on time. He says he will give an extra month but what good is that when it comes in the middle of the month.

I personally don't get his sheet. I am one of the doubters and I wait to see how things go first. I kinda figured that RED would bite off more than he could chew. He came on strong. For Georgia, they think he is great and doing well. And he is. But for the rest of the states, heck, he don't care........he is from Georgia. When someone does not give the courtesy of emailing back, I have a problem believing in the honesty. I feel he is dodging. Shame on you, CASH-O for taking people's money and running.


Hello, no one or no state has the June Edition of the Guide. When I rush a job I get complaints, so I took my time this month to make sure that the Guide was good. And it is. There is no need to get pissed, the guide will still be for 30 to 40 days. That's why I haven't been answering emails nor have I been posting, my work take a lot of time. Originally I thought that it would be a piece of cake but it's not, a lot of people can't catch on as fast as others so I have to back track for some and still keep the advanced people happy. Don't get confused with the daily sheet and the monthly guide. They are two totally
different projects. You all will be pleased with this month edition. Thanks.

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Thanks Sandy.


all i am saying, you could have e-mail me back, and i would have been more understanding. but hearing nothing that pissed me off. all it is communicating with people letting us know what going on. that better than saying nothing. peace and love



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