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Hello All,

Ok with the 325 million jackpot gone (congrats to the winners).. I'll probably play the Big Game one more time (the last drawing before it changes) for the hell of it.. and then watch my slim chances to win become even slimmer with Mega Millions.

So the question I have is has the Mega Millions folks said anything about a minimum amount that the game will grow from one drawing to another if there is no winner? Did the Big Game have a set limit? (I think it might have been 2 million, but I'm not sure) does Mega Millions improve on it or set one for itself?

Just curious.. and folks, this is a good forum, don't ruin it by all the trash talking, there are many other places on the web where you can do that. Todd's got a good site, don't ruin it for him, and for the rest of the folks just looking for information and share in the dreaming.


The Mega Millions jackpot will always reach like $500 million because now your odds almost double to like 1 out of 134 million.


Although BG-MM has a the possibility of higher jackpot, it is not as exciting as the BG. The odd just go to big, 1:76 Mil to 1:134 Mil.

Actually BG player can have a self ajusted BG-MM. It is similiar to the stock with only capital gain without dividend.

Stockholder would like cash (dividend) sell their stock (increased price). While, stockholder would like a capital gain, can keep the stock for futher (stock) price increase, to avoid double taxation on dividend.

BG-MM supporting player can join the BG once it reach $10 Mil, and played every 2 or 3 draw with an accumulating jackpot. Most important, the odd is still 1:76 Mil.

This save lottery player's money, and increase the lottery players' welfare.

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