Annuity or Cash option?


How do I know if the tickets that I purchased are payable in a lump sum or cash annuity? We drove 100 miles to buy these things, and, in mile 98.5 realized that we didn't specify. HELP!!!


Under The Big Game words on the top of the ticket, it will say either "Cash Value" or "Annual"


Where did you buy them? If you played Powerball, not to worry because MUSL (which runs Powerball) allows players to choose AFTER they win regardless of which lottery the ticket(s) came from. You probably live in a state where the choice must still be made at time of purchase.


For Powerball: I play Powerball in NH and while I sometimes get asked by the clerk whether I want annuity of cash, I have read on Powerball's site that you may choose cash or annuity after the drawing. I think (not sure if it's the same in all states) that you have 60 days to pick lump sum otherwise it will default to annuity.

Big Game: I play in MA and MA clerks don't ask about cash vs. annuity when you buy the ticket. According to MA's lottery site, you have 60 days to choose lump sum, or otherwise it will default to annuity.

I hope that helps.. and good luck to everyone tomorrow night!!


All MUSL members allow Powerball players to make the choice up to 60 days after.


1. If you die early on in an annuity your beneficiary will have to pay an estate tax on the remaining future payments.
2. If invested wisely the interest earned in jumbo cd's will yield more in 26 years than interest earned in u.s. gov't securities which the lottery invests in.

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I live in NJ, is it possible to change your mind if you won. Because I chose annuity.


If you're required to choose, the default is annuity. But most states (I think only a few are left today that don't) allow you up to 60 days to make the final decision. Since you didn't say where you got them from I really cannot advise you further.


Good thing you didn't play NY Lotto-here, you're stuck with the annuity if you win. HOPEFULLY "Mega Millions" will allow us in NY to choose after we win.

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