Is XYZ system a Scum???


Hi all,

I have just being made ware of rumors that the xyz system is scum.
This is not the first time this has come forward and yet they have failed to prove their point.

Unfortunately for GLenn,I did not want to sell my system to him because he had some conditions that "you must be prepared to do a demo of CSL+ on your site."..I refused to do so and now he accuses me of not sending any system to the buyers..."Can he prove it???

Thats a $Million lottery jackpot that he wants to win.

I can post all his correspondings he did with me and you the public you can judge...

If xyz system was a scum...

1). How come I post free strategies on my website??
2).The particulars of my website are known to the world..The website is registered and you can search for my all address in the web....If you know the World Wide Web(wwww)
3).How can put so much energy in the website to make you the lottery player happy??

If He(Glenn) has a point he must prove it first then he can make such romuors about the xyz system.

Danielli,Developer of xyz system and the webmaster of

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I for one do not think you are running a scam. In the past you have been generous by providing samples of your system -- prior to the drawing -- for all to publicly judge. There are real scams out there, run by people who make false claims that "you're guaranteed to hit the jackpot," etc.

There are also people I personally detest that supposedly send out numbers privately to individuals on a mailing list, and then later (after the drawing) claim to have 12 hits that night. Those are the people running the scams, not you.

Don't worry, there will always be detractors out there, everyone's entitled to an opinion. You can post here anytime.


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Some of us are a little leery. Some with good cause and some with no just cause. Part of my shyness of your system is based on you not responding to numerous requests on this website regarding key numbers. You threw a carrot out and dangled it, got us to your website, and nothing. The matrix does us no good if there is no way to figure a key number. Check out our requests, just type in Danielli in the search on this site and look under key number. You never took the time to answer us.

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I do not usually get involve with other men matters however I refuse to let this situation go without putting in my two cents. Your system has been very helpful unto me througout last year as well as this year, I am one person who is proud to say that it has helped my understanding when playing the lottery, you assisted me very well. Keep up the Good work Danielli!!!!!(the XYZ is powerful)


Well now,

There is nothing worse than a Scam system but I am not a
bit surprised.I wonder if Danielle is from Florida(The U.S.
Capital Of SCAMS)? None the less,the best way to test any
system before attempting to sell a product is to grab the
numbers for the particular States lottery then distribute
the numbers to be played to the person living in the state.
That way if they choose to play the numbers given,then it's
on them.And if the new system is viable and continues to
be effective and can be mass produced then you should be
able to sell it with no problems.
As for all these Bozo's and Bozettes stop trying to make
fools outta people.
When I begin to test my programs,I will simply distribute
numbers to those States I'll be targeting so.don't even ask
to test my programs,I'll worry about that.
You just get ready to win!

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Danielli is from South Africa, not Florida. And there are scammers in every state and country, but I do not believe he is one of them.



Hi Sandy,

Maybe you should have email me and ask about the info since there was an email address posted as well.

But when i make promise of posting strategies then I will,but as to when that will another question..

I will lways post here and thanks for the invitation Todd.
Remeber xyz system was forat posted and demonstrated on this site and yet People don't seems to learn.

Let the users of xyz system have pleasure and winnings on their side for they will be the first to enjoy the free strategies on website and understand it much better.

Good Luck to all the Big Game Lottery players for Tuesday draw(02/26/02).


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Many people who use a system and invest a lot of money playing it, expect to win a jackpot in a short period of time or at the very least win more money than they spend. When that doesn't happen, they call the system a scam. These people expectations are reasonable. Promoter of these systems should make sure the users of the system understand what a systems can and can not do.



After Studying The XYZ System,I come to realize that it's
implications are ok but a better delivery on the xstract
portion could use a little work.
The Lottery was design to be America's Goliath and what no
one will ever tell you is the degree of regulation involved
to insure the Lottery remains a goliath.
I admire those like my crew and myself who seek to build a
better mousetrap but my belief is one would do better to
attempt building a beartrap.
To the young lady who created the XYZ System I say,Keep
pushing forward because you'll find at times in these
forums,when people have a hard time penetrating your
program...their lack of understanding begans to center on
top of their brain.
When that happens,then it is time to let your program
speak for itself.

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