How much did I win tonight with Fireball? :)


So, I chose 569 box with Fireball and 569 box  no Fireball and 965 came up with a Fireball of 9. 😀 I know I won a base of $80 with the two 569 tickets, but how much did I win with the Fireball one? 😀


Take your tickets to a shady looking clerk and they will tell you exactly how much won if anything. But seriously, after over 3 years on LP why don't you know exactly how much you won?

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Florida (FL) Pick 3 Evening Prizes and Odds for Thu, Jan 13, 2022:

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Thanks! 😀 Too bad I only won an extra $17 making it $57 for the Fireball 569 and $40 for the non Fireball 569. I got $25 for my 1 Cash Pop number, so I got $122 altogether. 😀 Not bad. 😀😏

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