Winning $50K (or more) challenge


Lottery Family-

New Year, New Goals!

Challenge: Win $50K in <90days.

Simple Rules:

  1. Show proof: Winning tickets after | before they're cashed (your call)
  2. Provide/share 'how to steps' on how you got the win
  3. If you can't/won't do Steps [1-2] you can't comment.


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Make it 3 million euros.

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In response to britwill

Im in. you'll hear from me within 90 days.

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In response to britwill

Ok.  I am in!!   Is this pick 3 or 4?.

If your system really works, I am sure you would not mind being the financial investor on my side. 


Your system is so good, you must have tons of money dribbling down your leg, so funding me should not be a problem.

I will even go Platinum to use the filters to add it to the JeetKuneDoLotto Methodology.

Can you afford it big shot?

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In response to jpgrygus

    White BounceGreen laugh

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"If you can't/won't do such and such you can't comment."

You ought to reconsider opening all your threads with that line. Thread patrolling hasn't exactly been your métier.


Anyone can photo shop tickets to make it look like they won... just saying

In response to justadream

Assuming it's Pick 3, when I post my winning tickets I'm going to create a small video of my trips to Publix to cash each one out.

Pick 4, I'll simply post the 10 winning tickets.

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According to my watch your time is running out in the convenient omission of not showing the pick 3 combinations (to include all permutations) that you're playing before the drawing. 

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