where the poster timmsy gone



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thank Raven62  i been e-mailing him , still waiting

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According to the display, he is living in Australia. Maybe he's cuddling his wombat right now.


I may be wrong but I don't believe "standard" members can send or receive emails.

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Yes they can, I've done it a few times already. The only difference is I cannot see the list of "sent" pms.

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"According to the display, he is living in Australia."

                Skeptical  Down Under eh?...

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From now on it will be wombats first!


Thank you....I learned something new.

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If he is in Australia, then maybe somebody should check the Covid Concentration Camps. 

You see Novak Jokovic, they only put him in t he Covid Detention Camps.  But he is a wealthy wealthy person.  So they gonna try to save face and act like they aint a bunch of NAZI tyrants.

But Timsy?  If he is Aboriginal then he might be 6 feet down under the way these Aussie WHITE SUPREMACY PATRIARCHAL government leaders act.

The government be like "FU*K them!!   

The media be like "but they aint black!"

The government be like " They dark enough!!"


who knows maybe he is sick or working on some new project to get winning lottery numbers

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A platypus doesn't need any dentist! I think, I guess ... . Can koala's play lotto?

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