Don't take lottery tips from any Richard Lustig associates

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If you want to know why than read the following article.

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In response to ah1963

A press release is as good as a wardrobe malfunction.
Doesn't matter what people are saying, you're being talked about. And that's the important point. 

So people will read that guys article and then go buy the $40 booklet to see if they agree. 
Lustig was an entertainment booking agent or some such and knew how to stir the pot. 

Still, you have a point. Everything the author points out can be found online for free. 


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Some of the findable: 

LOTTO DOMINATOR: Winning Has Never Been this Simple by Richard Lustig (

There is an article on wikipedia. You can find this or that on yourtube.

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Lustig may have been influenced by P.T. Barnum's words of wisdom: "There's a sucker born every minute."

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Lustig and Associates ought to be giving out tips on grocery store food staples. The money is useless if there are no supplies. 

By the way, didn't Lustig spend ridiculously huge amounts on lottery scratchers?

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In response to Artist77

I saw a show on youtube. Lustig was invited and they all got scratchers under the seat. He won, and some in the public won, many didn't win anything. That was a show. I don't know how they make shows there, with a scenario?

Eventually he played games that were more likely to pay. So, he might not have played Mega Millions or Power Ball.

The last video that I remember was when he said that he was going to get a new hip. Not sure if a video today is fake, reworked, cut or true.

In response to rdgrnr

Or what we say here on Lotterypost - Theres a RDGRNR born every minuteGreen laugh

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I just checked my app for profit books and his is actually profitable.  People will buy it.  for sure.

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In response to rdgrnr

so you bought the book? must be havent won a thing in lotto since the wagon days.

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