Wish me luck! :D


I played about $22 in Lottery today. 😀


I chose 596 box for the Midday and Evening. $1


I chose a no frills Jackpot Triple Play. $1.


I chose a Jackpot Triple Play with Combo. $2


I chose 716 box for Midday and Evening. $1.


Later, I chose 1,2,3,4,5 for Cash Pop. $5


I chose 1985 for .50 


I chose 596 box  for Evening with Fireball. $1.


I chose no frills 596 box  for 3 days, both Midday and Evening for 3 days. $6.


I chose a no frills Lotto ticket. $2.


I chose a Cash 4 life with 4 as Cash ball. $2.



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Okay, good luck!Lep

In response to Nikkicute

Thank you! 😀 I won $20 on the Cash Pop game! 😀 I was one digit away with the 596 and 1985 draws however. 😶 9548 and 996 with a Fireball of 6 showed up. 😶 Had 596 and 1985 showed up, I would have won at least $240. 😶 Ouch. 😶

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In response to Karen Nathan

play this strategy for a week and let us know how you do.

In response to Lottomeister

I won at least $105 last night when my 596 with Fireball came up and my Cash Pop number "Popped," up. 😉

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