if you were to hit the big games, would you

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Buy stocks in the stock market.     


My friend is making money on some stocks that are hot in the stock market.  One is this company that makes the fiber optics wiring since everyone and their mother need internet. 


Anyone else.

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I'm surprised this very good idea Thread hasn't had a response yet.


I'm sure MANY People would buy Stocks in the Stock Market if they won big in The Lottery. :) If I won, I'd buy Stock in stuff like McDonald's, but would be wary about buying Stock in Start Up Businesses, but in all honesty, EVERY Business at one point was a Start Up Business... ;)

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I would do that. I would also buy mutual funds.

However, I'd probably pay off all of my debts first. I think that's the first thing you should do.

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I agree with you.   I def would pay off whatever has to be paid off.

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