scratch off tickets - do you buy at the same store or buy other places


Hello Everyone

Those that play scratch off tickets - I was just wondering do you stay with the same store or do you go to others in your surround area.. 


Just getting into playing scratch off tickets and notice staying with the same place I buy them from is hit and miss. Yes I do know it is hit an miss anyway.. 


Just wondering others view on this subject.. Thanks 

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I used to play scratchers years ago. I used to buy tickets at several stores in the neighborhood.

It's all about being at the right place at the right time.

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Besides for the grocery store right next door I tend to bounce around between smaller mom n' pop places and owner-operated gas stations


I buy most of my tickets at 2 places, a convenience store near my home and a grocery store near my office. I do occasionally go to other places, but these two are where I buy most of my tickets.

The store near my got flooded like many other businesses, but they came back, so I buy from them hoping if I get a winner, they will get bonus. Some businesses did not come back after the flood we had here, so I like to support them because they came back.

Occasionally I go to other places, but not often. Last weekend, I wanted to get some scratch offs and that store was picked clean of tickets and didn't have the ones I was interested in, so I went elsewhere.

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Thanks for your info  - just getting into do scratch offs - I been going to the same story and they vending and counter tickets - It seems to be better from the vending machine. I know at the counter it is easier to ask which ticket number they are on - but learning that does not make a difference,  always will be the lucky of the drawWink - I I will be going to other places..

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You're welcome. When I play scratch offs, I try to focus on certain games, preferably the ones that have the most winners, which I determine from the Louisiana Lottery Android app. I may start trying other stores to see what I get. I usually buy more than one at a time. Not sure if going to different stores will help, but maybe I'll try some others to see what happens.

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My experiences with scratchers is that stores"seem"to run hot and cold....I have 2-3 different stores that I will purchase at when one of them cools off. I do prefer the mom-n-pop types, so they get a nice check on the day my major jackpot is won. Wink

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That is very interesting. This weekend we splurged and bought 2 $10 and 10 $5 scratchers and ended up winning $70. I used that money do the same thing and only won $10, which I used on 2 $5 scratchers and won nothing.

I like going to the mom-n-pop stores too for the same reason. I mentioned before there are 2 stores I get most of my tickets from mostly because of convenience. Another reason is I like a store with a good selection of games and both of these stores offer that. Some stores only have a few to pick from, I like the ones that have a lot because I'm more likely to find the games I want at them.

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