Looking for my stolen ticket


Well, I proved that a clerk had stolen my winning ticket, after she told me it was not a winner. Then changed it to a dollar winner when I wanted it back. The Retailer has never had my validated ticket or cash authorization receipt, no ticket information was ever sent to Sacramento and recorded.This broke Lottery rules. But, here is the kicker. The Retailer was on the ballot for `the state wide school board election. So it was determined that I didn't matter. The Lottery has flat out lied to me. When I make this news on tv I will be mentioning names. The Lottery has even made it impossible to get any information from public information. Told me changes were made to public information. Just more lies. Calif. Lottery claims transparency, I don't think so. All I need is the date my ticket was sold, and I can rip the rug right out from those lying bas***** feet. I bought a lot of tickets in this time frame. Don't know the exact date. Florida has a web site with all the ticket information on it. If I could find something like that this mess would end. Any body got any ideas? The lottery can look up the retailer and see it on their computer in less then one minute. They act confused because I caught a manager in a huge lie that they know was breaking the law by defrauding me. Can I get a court order or something? Any ideas would be appreciated,  thx beenrippedoff

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How much did your ticket win? 

Personally, I'd hire a lawyer if I was positive it was a winner.

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Did you use the in-store scanner to check the ticket before you handed it to the clerk?  Most retailers have a scanner in the store.

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The best way to stop a cheating clerk from ripping you off is to sign the back of the ticket before you go to cash it. 

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Oh, that sucks majorly. This reminds me of when a guy said a Lottery Clerk tried to steal $5 from his Lottery Winnings. From a Winning Front Pair Pick  4  DRAW ticket.... His Winnings was $25 and she gave him $20. He responded something like,"I'm sure your Boss or Bosses and Lottery Corporate will love to know that you attempt to steal $5 from your Customers." She made up flimsy excuses and he was like,"Please just give me my other $5. " She gave him the other $5 and he said something like,"I informed her I would still be reporting her to her Boss or Bosses and Lottery Corporate because she shouldn't have attempted to steal my $5 in the first place." Some Lottery Clerks are trash... Good for you for really putting your foot down in this!

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Three posts and every one about some presumably stolen lottery ticket....?????

Don't know what date it was bought, or how much it was supposedly worth, didn't sign it, but now expects the California commission to open their books so he can choose......uh.....find his winner.

Sounds like if the clerk hasn't validated it, or cashed it in, it ain't worth the $1 you got for it. 

Good luck with the news! 


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In response to beenrippedoff

Get a lawyer. What public information did you request and how did you request it, and what exactly was the lottery's reply to you? The CA Lottery can't willy nilly make up their own rules about supplying public records and pick and choose when they comply and when they don't. That alone is eyebrow-raising, to say the least.


"That alone is eyebrow-raising, to say the least."

I think the entire post could raise some eyebrows, but I'm not sure that the CA lottery has anything to do with it.

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In response to KY Floyd

I Agree! $leep walking Sleep, while playing the Lottery iz NOT covered when talking about a "Bearer In$trument"..then, not knowing when, where the ticket was bought?...!!

Roll Eyes huuuummm... My eyebrowz are raised az HiGh az they can goooo...!!

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In response to Stat$talker

That's rich, coming from a guy who swears lottery officials stole his computer to get his math equations, and who constantly talks about bring the lottery down. OP doesn't possess even 1% of your crazy. Crazy

All this can be prevented by signing your ticket and using the self scanner to check the prize before handing it to a clerk.

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I used to validate like for over 160 euros a week, for me and others in the pool. I scanned the validated tickets and mailed them.

The combinations were saved and I could calculate the payouts. That usually was right.

Later I took photos of the tickets.

All in all, a lot of work, but you can trace errors from forms to payout.

The machines sometimes did errors. I then asked to pass the ticket again through the machine and it paid.

A good clerk will tell you all about it. Generally they don't tell you much about what they can do with the machine or what they know about the machines.

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We had some theories about the machines ... 

Do you know that they use Internet for data transmission? And, do you have questions about it? ...


Never done any lottery at this store, looked for a scanner, didn't see one, so I ask the Clerk to check it. This store didn't have the monitor yet, just the small screen on the terminal.


I just happened to have my google time line on during this time that shows me going from my house to the store where I bought my tickets. Also, my bank statements show when the ticket was bought. I just need the date of the winning ticket, so I can match them together. The Lottery refused to accept ANY EVIDENCE. Then defrauded me by telling me. The Lottery figured out exactly what had happened, then said it just looked like my ticket had won, but what happened was when i was buying my ticket a player directly in front of me bought a ticket seconds before i bought mine, and that play bought the ticket that won. That player was deemed the winner and paid out, and that's why it just looks like your ticket won. My ticket did win, the clerk is not going to steal a non winning ticket. That is called defrauding a player. I ask the store owner to show me my validated ticket and cash authorization receipt. He got scared and was clearly shaken, he told me the lottery told me not to tell or show you anything. He had told me he only redeemed 4 dollars of tickets the day i was there. So i told him then one of those tickets must be mine, can i see my ticket. He did NOT have it. I beenrippedoff


Sign your tickets I scan all my winning tickets get a flat bed scanner printer don't matter if it works or not as long as it can scan all your tickets before taken them to the store.

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California Government and most of the California population are Leftist weirdos and anywhere you have Leftists you have corruption. It's their intrinsic nature. It's part of their genetic makeup. It's who they are, it's what they do. So though I can't say with any certainty that some Leftist weirdo cheated this man in some form or fashion, I don't doubt for a minute that given the opportunity, there is no shortage of people there who would have done it. . 

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I heard that your missing ticket was hidden at a nearby McDonald's.

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In response to Artist77

Oh man, I remember that one, what a nightmare.

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In response to rdgrnr

There was something crazy in the air with that drawing.  People lot their minds. All the nuts posting that they won, etc. It was the only drawing I ever bothered to watch. Nothing has matched the craziness since then.


thats why  your  angry  dont get  angry  get  even  and  b  happy  your  negativity  is  keeping  u  down

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In response to river26

How would you suggest he go about getting even in this particular case?

Just wondering.

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In response to rdgrnr

What an asinine statement to paint every Californian.  "leftist, corrupt"  I'm glad a person who paints a population in such a broad negative stroke doesn't live in my state of residence.

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In response to Droptop209

Hold it right there, Pilgrim.

I wonder if you could find time in your typical California day of hugging trees, knitting rainbow flags and tip-toeing around piles of human excrement everywhere downtown to point out just exactly where in my magnificently articulated tome I referred to "every Californian" as leftist and corrupt?

Or should I just add "bald-faced liars" to the sordid details describing most of the population there which happen to be depraved, corrupt, leftist, Anti-American weirdos?   

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Not only sign your ticket, but take a note of the serial number if it got one, so the lottery company can retrieve it from their database.

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In response to rdgrnr

You sound more delusional by the post.  I'll take where I live anyday compared to where you live.  Nobody talks about/cares where you live so you talk about where I live.  Irrelevant state mentality.  Nobody wants to visit where you live "dad-gummer"

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In response to Droptop209

Nobody wants to visit or live where I live?

Tell that to the hordes of yankees buying up everything in sight at any price people ask. Including a lot of people from California.

And why is everybody with a brain leaving California for Texas? Including Elon Musk?

You gotta be some kind o' moron.

And I see you avoided answering the question as would be expected from a lying leftist California weirdo.

Watch out for the dadgum human poop piles out there in the land of fruits and nuts now, son! 


You never answered HoLeeKau's question how much your ticket won? If it is less than $100, it is not worth it and move on

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In the future, I would sign the ticket, and take a picture of both sides of the ticket with your cell phone.

Good Luck

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