How long after doing Press Conference do you actually get the check?


I told about the Woman who lived in an Anonymous State and went to her Lottery Office expecting to be handed a Check for Millions only to be told that she had to wait 4 weeks for the check to be mailed and two more weeks for it to or  be mailed to be mailed to her. How long after doing Press Conference do you have to wait for Check? I mean it would suck majorly to be constantly begged for money you don't even have yet...

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I've heard that with some drawings, particularly the multistate games, the winner has to wait before getting their payment because the money has to be transferred from the national organization running the game. I don't know how accurate that is, it's something I read sometime ago.

The idea of a huge check like that being mailed to me kind of makes me nervous, as I've had issues with my mail, especially during the pandemic. I hope lotteries have the sense to offer EFT transfer funds into a bank account instead of mailing a check.

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About mailing Lottery stuff during the Pandemic, IIRC, someone won MILLIONS on a Lottery ticket, mailed it in(This was when Lottery Offices were still shutdown due to the Pandemic) and it got "Lost in the mail," and they were understandably PISSED. It was speculated that a Postal Worker probably stole the Winning Ticket for themselves...:( I like your idea of EFT Transfers rather than Lottery mail. :)

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