Once You Go Platinum, You Never Go Back!

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One year ago, I upgraded to Platinum membership. I have learned so much using the tools such as vtracs, statistics, inspector, combinations and pairs analysis. Daily number games results has helped me spot trends in other states. I have won several times with Lucky's followers and daily tracker numbers. I have become a more efficient and cost-effective player. My only regret is I didn't upgrade sooner. Platinum members do you agree?

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I agree, love inspect 3.

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Don't Leave Home Without It !

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I agree! I've been a member for almost 14 years and I hope to be here for longer. I want to show my support for Todd and all the hard work he's put into this site.

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I Agree!

The Deflate tools are great for breaking down the entire games into manageable lists, or groups of numbers. It's also great for making easy to reference charts. The only limit is your imagination.


I like the pick five wheels. The only thing is that sometimes wheels spit out combinations that shouldn't be played. Especially when you track counts. They'll have four of the same count on one line. So recently I created a wheel filter in excel. I'll create the wheel here at lottery post. Then run it through my filter and see what lines are out. Early stages. But looks very promising. There are some filters in the full wheels I'll look at. Especially the min/max difference between numbers. AKA..GAPS. Just signed up for my first 6 month membership last week.

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I have been Platinum for about 15 years now. Never regretted it.

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I Agree!White Bouncenow the sum tool?

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I Agree!

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Yes I just started using it more than before .

Still don't use all the tools yet.

But si far so good.



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The only issue I have is that everything requires the internet. I do as much as possible in an automated way, including printing the tickets. Some times I dont even download the latest numbers. I either see them at a lottery terminal or hear it on the news sooner than published to the web.

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You have done a great job Win...I love it too!See Ya!

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Thank you to everyone who rated the thread and/or left a comment. Thumbs Up

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Here's an example of how I use the Daily Number Games results: We got 1255 in FL and NY followed. The Pick 3 numbers travels a lot.

Tue, Sep 7, 2021New YorkWin 4 Evening1-5-2-5
Sun, Sep 5, 2021FloridaPick 4 Midday1-2-5-5, Fireball: 6

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