How to be successful lottery winner


Luck vs math vs psychic

Luck: works for anyone playing on seasons in time.

Math: there's no such thing prediction of numbers when it comes to randomly drawing.

Psychic powers: it's real but people don't believe 1in every 100m is born to mind predict things others can't see far beyond.


Which one is you?

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In response to LuckyCharmz

"Math: there's no such thing prediction of numbers when it comes to randomly drawing."

Blue Thinking Excuse YOU?..I, along with other members here have already proven consistently, that it CAN be done...

But, I just wanted to say that, you forgot ta include your "4 Leaf Clover "Ladd. Wink..!!

"Magic LuckyCharmz", they're MaGiCaLlY delicious..!!

In response to Stat$talker

You have to prove it here in top predictors. Statisticly you have no proof of what you're saying is true. Check my statics and top predictor ranking. I might go first place whenever I feel drawing winning numbers but i really not into all that showing off narcicism s**t. If you prove it here people will believe otherwise take walk.

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In response to LuckyCharmz

.No No..Noo Sir,..You & otherz will have to DISPROVE it from where we've already posted it...That $.10 cent$ Sucker's Psychology ?..No Nod  won't work on Pioneers...YOU care to belong..for acceptance.. I DON'T..!! Thumbs Down

If you deniy what yo eyez can clearly SEE....It'z YOU that has taken a walk..!!... a walk away from Reality..just to be a member of "The Romper Room Research Socyiety"..

-"Pardon me.?.!! ..would you happen to have any Grrey Poupon?"..!!  LOL




"Check my statics and top predictor ranking"


LuckyCharmz: Statistics Summary


 Statistic  Current Month  Last Month  Current Year  Last Year  Lifetime 
    Hit Ratio0.00%0.00%1.05%1.50%1.43%
    Prize Ratio0.00%0.00%13.43%119.25%102.52%

Congrats, you're predictions turned a tiny profit last year, but what have you done lately?

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In response to LuckyCharmz

"Luck vs math vs psychic"

Shocked  Oooopz..!!  Apparently you haven't lately had any LUCK,...It'z pretty obvious that you No Nod don't know any Probability MATH..and sooo much for yo CrazyPSYCHIC abilities, for it obviously didn't pre-warn you that a Member would pull up & post yo dismal statistical record for everyone to see...

I'd say THAT putz you Statistically at 0 for 3 in my book..!  LOL

No No  "Don't quit yo Day job"... cause you certainly aren't good at THIS..!! you're just a "Wannabe"..

Thanks Stack47...Thumbs Up



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Math: after playing the lottery for 15 years, my conclusion is that the best strategy is to not play at all (or play on paper).

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In response to rmoore87

"my conclusion is that the best strategy is to not play at all (or play on paper)."

Well, it's only reasonable to assume that'z whut they're attempting to do cyberly.. is playin on cyberpaper ,..wit dat "Romper Room Research Socyiety..LOL

My gripe wit Anyone is only about whut constitutes whut officially should be accepted as being a VALID prediction...simply because ov where, when & how It'z long az It'z PRE-DRAWING?...Thumbs Up  It'z valid in my book..!!..whea it gitz posted iz Blue Thinking MOOT..!!

As tyrannical as Microsoft accused of bullying Software programmers into exclusively using only THEIR Internet browser (IE)..snuffin out threatening competition...

No No  I refuse to assimilate THEIR Agenda into MY Agenda...



In response to Stack47

Sorry but i play when the time is right & it hit y'all  by surprise. That's the beauty of psychic prediction. Math consistently is just pure B's

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In response to LuckyCharmz

"That's the beauty of psychic prediction. Math consistently is just pure B's"

Nooo, No No  that'z the beauty of "Ignorance iz Bliss"..and YOU tryin to git us ta believe you're Psychic? iz da Pure B's..!! cause your make-believe powerz didn't forewarn you that Stack47 would pull up yo dizmal record..!! LOL

Backup whuteva you claim on LP... like Ole Stat$talker...and otherz here..!! wit a Posted Painted Sign..! Thumbs Up..if not?, you're just a "Romper Room Researcher" & a "Cricketeer",stuck in a "Texez 2 Step"Green laugh

There'z just Nooo way ta fake dis $h**..!! 



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In response to LuckyCharmz

Post a reply to How to be successful lottery winner


You win, that's all.

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5 players didn't lose. Nobody doubled his cash. You're on pick 3 there. Spyworks reloaded.

In response to LuckyCharmz

For the most part the pick-3 systems posted here are forms of RNGs. "Add or subtract 0 to 9 from the previously drawn digits", "multiply or divide the previous by something" or use their favorite irrational number. When that doesn't work go to whatever they think of next.

"Math consistently is just pure B's"

But some of the systems produce up to 300 6-way boxes so there can be some consistency using 30% of the field. Showing a profit is something else.

In response to Speler

Not knocking any of them, but Is risking $850 to win $220 really a good bet?

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The most honest and wholesome answer lol Guess it just wasnt your time yet, dont give up !

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The difference between people shopping quickpicks and those picking numbers, often with long workouts or using all kind of programs is that those playing quickpicks don't get headaches and timeloss.

Instead of buying a pc, I should have continued going to the gym.

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In response to Speler

Best thing to do is build your own PC... Brand Name Manufacturers don't want you to hold on to a PC for decades, so they build'em with limitations, so you'll come back to buy another one..

When building your own Computer system , you get to install the fastest Motherboards, lighning fast video processors.. New cutting edge peripherals, larger Data storage capabilities...etc! 

If I built one today?, it'll more than likely out perform any "off the shelf" Name Brand, as it gets older, new technology becomes available, you can always upgrade, but not with Name Brand Units, with their proprietary designs... etc..

But no matter how New any Computer is... you must ALWAYS backup the data files that are produced by the onboard Software.. for you can always restore the Software Programs should you suffer a system crash,.., but never the files that Software progams produce after yrs of using it..

But because of Hackers, I don't put my computer online that often, cause all they try to do , is disarm my Lottery weapons on it.. So, Ole Stat$talker has got SOMEBODY out dere worried about my Jackpot aspirations...LOL

Shocked .. Wonder Whooooooo?

The best consumer Software backup system produced IMO was .Hiding Behind Computer... "Norton Ghost"..!! Thumbs Up along with Microsoft's Encryption..!!




Several years ago, I did a little project in which I purchased quickpicks and a set of numbers my wife and I selected. I can't find the spreadsheet I tracked my results on, but I found a post I made here about the results.

Here is that post:


I've been curious about own numbers vs quick picks and decided to do a little study on it. What I've been doing is tracking how many numbers I match on Louisiana Lotto(pick 6/40, minimum 3 to win) and have found something interesting.

For the last 52 drawings, I've played both a set of numbers my wife and I picked and a quick pick and here are the results.

The hand picked set of numbers has matched an average of 0.692 numbers/draw, while playing a different quick pick every week has matched an average of 0.807 numbers/draw. Out of those 52 drawings, I've had only one winner, a match 3 for $3, and it was one of the quick picks. Both a quick pick and the hand picked number had a median of 1 number matched, i.e. half matched more, half matched less. On both, most didn't match a single number.

For the quick picks, 10 have matched at least 2 numbers, with one matching 3, while on the hand picked numbers, 7 have matched 2 numbers. From my statistics, it looks like quick picks may have a little more of an edge over hand picked numbers, but it isn't much.

My theory on this is if only playing one or two tickets, it probably doesn't make much of a difference, but if playing a large number of tickets, it might be better to pick your own numbers because you can have a bigger mix of numbers, with fewer repeats between tickets, which could increase the chance of winning something because with more numbers in the matrix played, the better chance of getting a match.


What got from that little experiment is if buying only a few tickets, it might not make much of a difference but if buying large numbers of tickets, like in a pool, it might help to hand pick because I've seen with people buying multiple quick picks, there are often repeats of the same numbers on each ticket. If more numbers are picked within the matrix, that might increase the chance of matching numbers.

Since I only buy one ticket for each game, I usually buy quick picks.

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In response to PrisonerSix

I'm doing an ongoing experiment, in which I've found that if you use Probability Math on the Stats, it will get you alot closer to what actually comes to fruition...So far, MY studied chosen numbers outperformed every "Free Ticket" QP I've gotten., cause I refuse to waste my money, paying for No Good QPs...All posted on the thread.. "Predicting Winning Numbers, Fact or Fiction".

When you rely on Birthdates, ages of family members...etc,.. THEN the odds spoken of on the back of your playslips APPLY to any eminent results..

Can't speak for LA., but here?.. LOs are cRoOkEd..!! cause the Data shows most Lotteries use Software that applies a "Least Chosen Selection Function" (LCSF method to your numbers AFTER Cutoff time , which amounts to Illegal Tampering with the final results..Word for Word reading of its Patent is also posted on the same thread...

I encourage any serious player to email your Senators & Congressional Reps in Washington expressing your concerns about an Unregulated Industry that's riddled with unbridled Theft.. as I already have...



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In response to Stat$talker

According to patent records, the LCSF patent is assigned to a random dude, not a Lottery or other gaming related business. What evidence is there that lotteries use LCSF technology? It is possible that said dude could have sold or licensed the rights to the LCSF tech to a lottery or gaming company in a private transaction, which would be hard to investigate.

On the other hand, a state lottery would have to disclose use of LCSF tech because they have to publish the true odds of their games, and LCSF changes those odds. On the whole, I'm not convinced the lottery would bother secretly using LCSF for jackpot games because the odds are already so badly stacked against players there's no point in sacrificing time and money to make them a little worse.

Incidentally, said random dude has another lottery related patent

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In response to cottoneyedjoe

"According to patent records, the LCSF patent is assigned to a random dude, not a Lottery or other gaming related business"

I don't recall saying the Patent was assigned to any particular Lottery.. but it doesn't negate the possibility they're probably using it, as member Lucky1day  Posted ..

The Patent for a Smith & Wesson is held by the Patent Owners, but does that fact keep a murderer from gettin hands on one, and go on a killing spree..?.. Duuhh , but Guns are DESIGNED to kill..!!

And anyhow, the threshold to get YOU to consider anything Ole Stat$talker says is as high as Mount Everest, and is No big secret..but when OTHERS say the exact same thing?,.. You and others are absolutely Yawn Silent..!!. so, by deduction Roll Eyes, there has to be some OTHER reason why YOU Naysayers come outta da woodwerkz when I post..

Go figure....but, it wuuzz somewhat Quite, for awhile,.. even tho your surrogate "Texez 2 Stepper" filled in fa ya..LOL



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In response to Stat$talker

"it doesn't negate the possibility they're probably using it, as member Lucky1day  Posted"

I am not aware that Lucky1day is an authority on lotteries or patents. Anyone can use Google to find lottery-related patents. It remains to be proven that any lotteries are using LCSF in their PRNGs or ball machines.

Anyway, if you are so convinced the lottery is using a process to make certain player selections less likely to be drawn (aka rigged), thenYdoUk0nTiNuE2givdemurmunny??

In response to rcbbuckeye

I should have said "Is risking $850 to win $220 really a good bet when the game pays $500 t $1?". And then it depends on if the majority of the $850 was wagered before or after the $1070 collection.

"That falls in line with common knowledge that about 75% of winning jackpot tickets are QP's."

A few years ago PB sales reflected the size of the jackpot, but today the it looks more like "wait and see". Now that jackpots are growing much slower, it's still very difficult to even guess at the percentage of QP sales. In the 11 drawings after the PB jackpot was hit, sales averaged about 12.3 million tickets and not much higher than the 11 million tickets sold in the 5 drawings after the hit. 

My best guess is there base of about 6 or 7 million self picks played in every drawing and about 1/3 of the 18 million tickets sold for last nights drawing. Sales for the drawings that had the last to jackpot winners were around 20 million tickets so if 14 million were QPs, the average for those two drawings was less than 75%.

It's still a fact the majority of PB tickets are lottery terminal generated random numbers. Personally, I like watching the drawings, but what difference does live ball or RNG make to the majority of players purchasing QPs?

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In response to cottoneyedjoe

It'z aloooottta thingz YOU aren't aware of...!!

"Anyway, if you are so convinced the lottery is using a process to make certain player selections less likely to be drawn (aka rigged), thenYdoUk0nTiNuE2givdemurmunny??"

I guess , the same reason you keep asking the same questions over and over....


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