Do you play PB & MM despite the jackpot size or..


Do you wait for it to reach a certain number before you put your money down?

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No! I buy 1 ticket every draw. Sometimes I don't know or remember what the jackpot is.

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I generally play every draw for both games though I did skip MM for a draw or 2 last couple weeks.


I play regardless of the jackpot amount. However I do skip a draw every now and then.

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I wait until it grows a little bit. The mega and powerball are supposed to start at 40 million. They told us it was going down to 20 million because of the pandemic. It is now one and a half years later, when is it going back to 40 million?

In response to HiFi

*l wish l  knew when they going to get it back  to a $40mil start HiFi.

*l think everyone who plays the lottery wants to know.

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I play when the mood strikes most of the time 

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Wait for the cash value to reach at least $100 - $125 Million . After $150M I play every draw. That $2 per ticket greed aspect a few years ago resolved my desire to play.

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Those playing for the jackpot often wait for the jackpot to grow (well I want other people to build it up for me?)

Those playing for 5 + 0 usually kick in the extra buck hoping for a multiplier.

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In response to Coin Toss

"Those playing for 5+0 usually kick in the extra buck hoping for a multiplier."

That would be me!

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In response to rcbbuckeye

You can include me in that group. I rarely know what the jackpot is because I never pay attention to it. I'm playing for a second place win.

Whenever I play, I play the same line multiple times on my ticket and add The PowerPlay option.  Doing that creates what I call a "double multiplier". If you match the PowerBall and one or two white ball numbers you can win a nice prize.  I once matched The PB and two white ball numbers and The PowerPlay number was 4.  Because I had played the exact same line three times on my ticket, I won $84. The tough part of doing that is I had to pay 9 bucks for what amounted to playing one line instead of three.

There's another thing about doing this that I wonder about.  And that's would MUSL have paid me six million if I had matched 5 white balls?  My guess is they would, if I was the only second place winner.  After all, if three different players in three different states bought the PowerPlay and matched all five white balls, they'd have to pay each of them two million. But suppose I too had won six million, then they'd have had to pay out a total of 12 million.  I dont think they've ever had to pay out that much money in the past to all of the second prize winners. That makes me wonder if they'd say they dont have enough money in the prize pool and divide the payout equally among all winners.  I'd still get the lion share of the pay out, but do they have a limit of how much they can pay out for each drawing?G5

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Buddy of mine used to play every draw, regardless of jackpot size and always included the powerplay option. One ticket, same numbers every time. Never really paid attention to what the payoffs were. So he checks his numbers one day and realizes he's hit 4 out of 5, missed the powerball, and the multiplier is 2x. He starts doing the happy dance, figuring that the jackpot was well over 100 million, so 4 of out 5 should be pretty sweet, especially since it's times 2.

He goes in to cash the ticket and the guy says congrats, you won $200. What? $200? Yep, that's it. Worst part was his 5th number was off by one, so he missed a 2 million win by one number. Left a bad taste as you can imagine. He still plays, but kind of grudgingly now, figuring to get that close was probably as close as he's ever going to get.

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In response to OhSoClose

👴$200 is better then a poke in the eye 

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"I'm playing for a second place win."

Then why bother playing PB at all?  Most states have multiple games that offer prizes of $1 million and often a bit more, and they frequently offer a better deal. Win for life gives you almost twice the chances of winning $1000/week for life (close to annual income from a safe investment of the after-tax 2nd place PB prize) for only $2, about half the chance to win $1000/day (much better than the 2nd place PB prize), and you also have $1 left over. The same $6/week for PB tickets would let you play win for life 2x a week and then buy one Lotto ticket, adding the chance of winning that grand prize. I expect there are a bunch of similar scratch game choices, too.

"would MUSL have paid me six million"

The smaller prizes are mostly administered by the individual state lotteries, and they normally pay all of the lower tier prizes, but it seems to be MUSL (or the group members collectively) that  decides if/when lower tier prizes become parimutuel. There are reserve funds specifically for cases where the prize pool doesn't have enough money, and one of the rules is that  up to $40 million can come from on of those finds if the money is available. That they decided to pay out the full amount for the fortune cookie second place prize makes me think it would take a lot more than one or two people wining 2 or 3 2nd place prizes to make it parimutuel.

FWIW I've never seen anything that explains how states with really low ticket sales are expected to pay the 2nd place prize. Some states often have sales of less than $50k and the USVI is sometimes  about 10k. Factoring in how much  they'd  be paying toward the jackpot and other prizes it would literally take  years of sales to cover that.

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In response to KY Floyd

Personally, I've considered what you say here in Texas. The odds of hitting 5+0 in MM or PB are approximately 1 in 12 million to 1 in 13 million (depending on the game). The odds of hitting the Lotto jackpot in Texas are approximately 1 in 26 million. Right now the Lotto jackpot (cash, not annuity) is $3.99 million. Of course, the biggest difference is the cost of a ticket. $2 for MM and PB ($3 with multiplier), $1 for Lotto. 

The Texas 2 Step occasionally will roll to a million plus, and the odds are really good, but it's parimutuel and tix are $1.

All or Nothing can get you a million or more depending on how you play. I used to play the same and opposing numbers 4 or even 5 times. But, the odds are approximately 1 in 2,700,000 for 0 numbers or 12 numbers correct. And to play for a million means spending $8. For what it's worth, AoN has paid back more money for me than any other game because of the overall odds. But the cost plus the fact I have to make a daily trek to the store was a hassle. With other games I buy a weeks worth if tix at one time. 

To each his own.

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In response to hearsetrax

That amazing you'd say that. It's exactly what my buddy said at the time, word for word.

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In response to hearsetrax

I'm with you on this👍🏻But generally I will participate in smaller draw games and wait until the jackpot in MM and PB get interesting 🤔

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In response to CDanaT

I have similar thresholds Thumbs Up

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In response to OhSoClose

Being so close would entice many to keep playing, I'm not sure how I would react as missing out on $2mil by a single digit sounds like an omen to stop due to the overwhelming odds of repeating 🤷‍♂️

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In response to Unluckyone

Agreed. I'd think at the very least, you'd be encouraged to stop playing those same numbers. I don't recall if he did that or not. A near miss can be maddening.

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In response to noise-gate

It's a sucker's bet. I play only when the jackpot cv is north of 500M so I can tell myself I may be a sucker, but not the biggest one. Let bigger suckers than me fund most of those rollovers.

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In response to noise-gate

I buy at least one ticket for each drawing, no matter what the jackpot is.

On Sunday, I buy a 2-draw ticket (including multiplier) for MM and PB as well as NY Lotto.

A jackpot (at any amount) or second prize win would be fine with me!

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In response to TheMeatman2005

I understand your logic about buying a ticket as the jackpot no matter the size would be fine with 99% of us but once you factor in the ridiculous odds it doesn't make sense to many as there are many other draw games that offer prizes similar to second offered in both MM and PB.

In response to Unluckyone
  • It takes a leap of faith. The astronomical odds mean nothing to those that believe they "could" win. I would wager that there must have been many people who dissuaded Columbus to take on the expeditions he looked forward to.
  • Sometimes, you just have to go for it.
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In response to noise-gate

I buy PB tickets regardless of the size of the jackpot, because I'm much more interested in winning PB's second place prize than I am a jackpot. 

PB's second place prize carries odds of about 11 million to one. I live in Florida. Florida Lotto's odds of winning a jackpot are double that of PB's second place prize (they're almost 23 million to 1) and many times it's jackpot is less than 5 million. Just like PB, Florida Lotto is drawn on Wednesday's and Saturday's, costs two dollars per line, and players can also buy a multiplier option for lower tier prizes.

By adding PB's PowerPlay option, I might win 2 million. They way I see it is if I'm going to throw away 3 bucks on a lottery ticket, I'd rather waste it on PB as opposed to Florida Lotto. PB's second place odds are half the odds to win a Florida Lotto jackpot and I'd win about the same amount of money. G5

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