Maddogs Lucky for Life Challenge 5/20

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                                      Maddog's Lucky for Life Challenge 5/20


                                           Pick up to (9) wb's from 1 - 48

                                           Pick up to (3)  Lb's from 1 - 18 



                                                                                          Lucky for Life


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WBs: 01-04-15-24-28-31-32-39-47

LBs: 09-14-15


Good Luck Folks!

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Wb 6-7-12-15-23-27-30-39-45

LB 4-7-12

good luck

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wb 5-10-14-19-25-27-28-31-39

lb 2-7-12

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Good luck all on the last challenge. 

God Bless.

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WB:    5-18-26-29-31-32-36-37-42

 LB:    4-10-15

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    WB: 9 14 17 21 24 29 38 40 46

     LB:  7 11 15



LBs 2-9-10

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Lucky for Life results  5/20;                                          7-13-38-43-44  +  11


Lottobrain                        1+1   **   Lone predictor of LB # 11 also.


Congrats to:  Lottobrain.

Thanks for playing Everybody !

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Congrats LottoBrain.

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     Thanks Maddog and Sully. I don't know if I like the change to everyday as I won't be able to play like I play everyday. I may just play on the weekend when I have more time to prepare.  Skipping draws won't seem so bad since the prize structure will be the same each day. The game might be hurting itself by doing this.  Will just have to wait and see I guess.  Good luck to all of the Lucky for Life players for the future.

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In response to MADDOG10

Congrats Lottobrain!

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In response to lottobrain

Makes sense to me. I will be playing daily but I know others that will stop playing all together because of this change.

Not sure it was worth it for the lotto brains, I guess we can see the result in sales figures later down the road.

Good luck.



Can I post Numbers here?

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Redball  * 12  *7

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