Lottery Clerk errors that cost you BIG money? :/


I played 2,4,6,8,10, EZ Match Fantasy 5 a long time ago... When I got my ticket, 2 matched $500! I begun to cheer until I realized in Horror that the Clerk put quick pick and NONE of the Numbers of the quick pick matched. I was LIVID and she seemed to have very little remorse that she cost me $500 with her Quick Pick mistake! :/

In response to Karen Nathan

While i would agree that some clerks behave as tho every day is their first day on earth and you half to watch them carefully and hand them your slips one at a time then check the printout. There are other factors. The biggest one i have come across would be running out of paper. This can cause miss printed tickets which can be a pain. So i always check how much paper is on the roll if i have alot of tickets to print.

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