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does anybody have RL's program called "Lexi converter"?

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This should be what your searching for.

1>Create a new folder and name the folder anything you like.  Example Lexi Converter

2>Download the following zip file and save it to the folder created above

3>Unzip the contents of the zip file.

4>No installation required

5>Double click the "Lexi.exe" file to run the program.

These are the Excel files I created for a few lottery games which create the database files for the Lexi program

The program is over 7 years old including the Excel files.

Hope they are useful.

This zip file contains RL Tools Programs from a number of years ago:

1>Create a new folder and name the folder RL Tools

2>Download the zip file and save to RL Tools folder

3>Unzip the contents of the zip file

4>There are a number of exe files which represent the various Lottery Tools.  Just double click any of the exe files to run the program.  Not installation is required.

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There is a Word doc that has instructions for using the Lexi program inside the zip file.


Thank you winsumloosesum.
They work in Wine :-)

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