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Lottery Family-

There seems to be tens of lottery systems and strategies, but none I've found work better than mine. 

And, I can prove it by recent wins. As a matter of fact, I won last night, 4/16/21, using my RBTL strategy.

So if this sounds like a call out, it is - to all lottery system owners and strategists.

Prove your strategy and system works by:

  1. Clearly explaining your strategy
  2. What game it's designed for (Note: your strategy can't apply predictions for multi-states)
  3. Post your recent wins (Caveat: Has to be within 7days, and produced at least 10 wins/mo) Note: If you don't have a win this month, you don't have a strategy
  4. Caveat: (Hoping and praying, Important dates (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc), Numbers from the rears of vehicles, are not strategies)

I'll go first. 

Strategy: RBTL (Read-Between-the-lines)

Game: FL Pick4 

Theory: "Knowing the past helps you predict the future"

How it works: RBTL is a data-driven strategy. It finds trending months from the past to help predict future Pick4s

These are the past winners for Pick4 FL (Mid/Eve) - Past winners: 5799 7261 1098 0895 7768 1786 1754 9752

RBTL realized 2020-05 is a trending YYYY/MM

RBTL realized 2020-05 had the following repeated (permuted) picks: *2069 1754 1726 7244 7424 0985 7621 1754 9257 9572 5089 *9062 

Observe the past winners and recent winners. Translation: Past = future

Note: * = Current winner

Proof (recent wins): $13K(3/29/21),  $300(4/5/21), $300(4/10/21), $5000(4/16/21)



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In response to britwill

Will How does your strategy work?


Will, I love this post; you're essentially saying, "show me the money"!


I cannot in good conscience vote because after being part of this forum for 13 years, and test driving numerous strategies found here, found elsewhere, and developed on my own, I have found absolutely positively no system that shows results better than random play Bang Head


I'm still at it, but I'm not as confident as I once was once . . . that being said, you can probably understand my burning desire to learn more about your method! Big Smile

In response to PickThreeExpert

PickThreeExpert, I have a few strategies that are based on the way the numbers "trend." But my goto strategy is RBTL (read-between-the-lines).

Like I communicated earlier - the proof is in the recent wins and money won. My challenge now is scaling and removing impediments to winning (hence, the reason I posted about Top 10 betslips issues - making it easier to win.

I usually bet about $50, and hedge my bet with different strategies. Lately, I've been scaling (increasing my spend) to win more.

RBTL always generates a pair of picks so the minimum win is $200. or (4XROI).

My top issue has always been running out of time filling out betslips - so I created an online betslip printer (nothing to download, no definition files, no betslips, no pencils, no paper, etc).

Fact: I can generate >100 tickets (str/box, combo) in < 5min. bI CAN prove it!

It all depends on the way the numbers are trending. For example: Months ago, the Sums (16 and 17) were trending. My sum strategy told me to play all sums equaling 16 and 17, removing the Picks that had already won. RESULT: I won $3K on 1555 (a number that I would've never played).

Since my strategies are data-driven, I'd say it depends on the data trend.


In response to mitachoo

Mitachoo, "Show me the money" is exactly what I'm saying. You guys can easily see I've been a member of Lottery Post for years. I'm not a newbie.

I've been following everyone, and every Lottery thought leader for years.

I've also tried different strategies, software and systems, but nothing consistently worked. So, I had to create my own.

Caveat: I'm not a fan of random play either.

What I have found is this: If you study the history of the picks (past), it's easier to predict the future ones.

Hence, I've been studying the lottery for years, and still consider myself a student.

Translation: You can't win consistently if you don't have ALL the history.

That's why my strategy involves ALL the data the US lotteries have.

Fact: I have ALL the pick2, pick3, pick4, and pick5 data since the beginning of the games.

Fact: I have ALL data since the beginning of time for every lottery game in the US.

The data is expensive ($$/mo) to maintain, but it's worth it.

Hence, excluding Todd, I probably know more about the US Lottery data than anyone on this forum.

Strategy: Quirky (mine) - Since I've been on LP, I've neve heard anyone using the quirky strategy.

Below is an example [3/1/21 - 4/16/21] using my "Quirky" strategy. Can you spot the 'quirkiness'?

Past winners: 1312 6869 7180 1441 1178 9279 8624 2272 9491 5584 2477 8094 4806 [1] 5670 7093 1778 4885 4474 0457 8601 1628 4412 8839 6520 3655 0917 9858 6548 7362 6561 7839 3442 4452 4294 5235 9558 2287 5781 5802 8773 1241 2996 9950 0043 2079 7782 [3] 8058 9738 7958 5766 5799 [3] 7261 1098 0895 7768 1786 1754 9752 8660 5021 6572 [4]1681 1929 8011 0124 1728 4902 2146 6724 7010 5422 2438 9150 2752 1940 1160 9811 5890 7699 8022 7842 1358 0196 7547 [5] 3806 7675 1812 9433 8807 1899 6713 9620 *3325

See how the 6s ‘flipped’ to became 9s, and the 2s flipped to 7s? Said behavior is extremely fascinating.

It happened quite a few times last month, and is still happening now. Thank about that for a minute. If all you have to do is invert a couple digits to win big - I’ll take that.

Caveat: I don’t use this strategy often, but the data reveals ‘quirkiness’ happens. See below (bold). I only use Quirky if the past winner had doubles.

  1. 8094 4806 [1] - Quirky
  2. 2287 5781 5802 8773 1241 2996 9950 0043 2079 7782 [2] - Quirky
  3. 5766 5799 [3] - Quirky
  4. 9752 8660 5021 6572 [4]




please clarify, what data range you have to look to invert some digits, last month, month to prev year month, etc. i will run some tests on my systems statistic too ;)

ty, prtt


Wonderful, prtt! Let's compare. I usually key off the last double found. Ex: Mid today (4/16/21) was: 3325 Quirky Prediction: 8825 or 8875

I like these plays because doubles are cheaper when you play Pick4 combo - $12 vs $24.


In response to prtt

Prtt, after you run test, determine/confirm if it's a viable strategy by past wins. Please vote for the best strategy.

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Where is your system?

In response to junior35

Junior35, I am not sure what you mean. You mean "Where is it physically located?" It's online, but I can't share my links. I can explain it though.

What system do you use? Does it work?

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In response to britwill

You actually don't have a precise strategy & instead are throwing lots of money at the games by playing $50 a draw. You can show your wins but your losses will be even higher by playing many hit & miss strategies.

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In response to mitachoo

I have discovered a profitable strategy but you have to think logically & then apply it consistently to be profitable in Pick 3. You need to do  the research to find the secret. Go study the 120 Box numbers to find patterns...

In response to PickThreeExpert

Here we go. "I have discovered a profitable strategy but you have to think logically & then apply it consistently to be profitable" Are you kidding me, PickThreeExpert? Share it. That's what this forum is for.

I could hit pick3 every other day because the odds (1/1000) are smaller. But, $50-$500 payouts are too small for me.

Let's make a bet, show me your recent wins from Pick3 and your strategy and I'll add even more detail to the strategy I already shared.

In response to PickThreeExpert

PTE, If you think $50 is a lot of money... Hit & Miss????? It wouldn't be a strategy if my wins (hits) were less than my losses (misses).

Please share your strategy.

If you can't (or won't) this is exactly why I created this topic. 

Everyone calls themselves lottery experts/strategists but when you ask them to show consistent proof - they can't. Yet they want you to buy their material (products), books, systems, etc.

Why would would I buy anything that doesn't help me win.

Modern day snake-oil.


Proof RBTL is the better strategy system -

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