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hello friends where can I find the Lexicographical tool and could someone explain to me how to use it please

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In response to Mayte

Looked up lexicographical numbers, got this definition...

When applied to  numbers lexicographic order is increasing numerical order, i.e. increasing numerical order (numbers read left to right). For example, the permutations of {1,2,3} in  lexicographic order are 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, and 321.

Not sure how this would help picking lottery numbers.  Could be wrong though.   

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If the question was about how to use the Lexicographical process, then adding Permutations to the meaning may only serve to confuse them even more..

Lexicographically simply means " counting in the natural chronological order" from A to B .. nothing more...




4. etc..

Permutations is leaning more towards different ways of writing any COMBINATION..!!  which is bit more involved in the understanding of combo exhaustion...

If I remember correctly, "Lottery Statistical Analyser" has a lexicographical tool in it..

Google it...


thanks Stat $ talker I'll see if that program has that tool, greetings ...

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In response to Mayte

The Lottery Post Archive Contains a Wealth of Information:

LP Forums/Search: Forums is Your Friend!

Read, Study, Learn!


excellent Stat $ talker tool but I have problems with the serial number of the software i can't update the draws do you know who could help me with that?


excellent information Raven62 have you used Lexicographical numbers for your lottery plays?

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You are absolutely correct LIGB and would advise Mayte that the next time he/she plays Pick 3 to look at the betslip to see if it has a bet type box for [wheel] . This is the Lexicographical distribution of your selected 3 digit Pick 3 number. If your number is drawn in any order you're GUARANTEED to hit  it STRAIGHT !

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That's simply a matter of paying for the program... I guess they aren't giving away any FREE "Kentucky Fried Chicken" either...LOL


the developer page is not working probably they no longer maintain or service their systems sometimes things are not so easy and their programs look like they are excellent programs

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In response to Mayte

Sometimes they move their download site from time to time... check them all...

In response to Mayte

Second link must be a member to get files cd-dvd 

type in bing Lexicographical tool lottery post


Lottery stastic analyser is the software you are looking for. Take the last 15 games of your 5 number or higher game. Then stary matching up the number frequency count with the lexographic parts of the program. Hint look for numbers that came out once un the last 15 games. Mix the numbers as per the gh balanced order


Thanks lottologix this tool works for pick 5? greetings



5 / 39, combination to index.

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