Digit Master Pro - Multi Game - Repost DMP-MG

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Repost of Digit Master Pro - Multi-Game lottery program created by RL-Randomlogic in August 2019

1> Installation file:

2> Video 1 - Load and Update Lottery Game

3> Video 2 - Quick Start

4> Video 3 - Spokes - Export & Import Filter Settings

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I updated most of the lottery game files which are contained in sub-folders inside the "MASTER" folder.

Download link to the updated Master folder:  Draws updated through Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Master 1

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This Youtube video will explain how to download, unzip, and copy and paste the game sub-folders into the DMP-MG Main folder.

The "Master" folder resides inside the C:\DMP-MG folder.  (See previous post)

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I created a PDF with step by step instructions from Video 3 - Spokes, Export & Import Filters (See opening post)

Download link to the PDF:

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downloaded file but seems like a number of errors in there. Getting the following: unhanded error with lot of error numbers.

Please advice.


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Not sure what the errors may be.

May be PCloud

Uninstall the program and try using this zip file:

Anyone else getting errors when installing???

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A couple things I want to mention is the following:

1>When selecting your Lottery Game you must of course use the "Load-G" (Load Game) button located in the far upper left hand corner of the program.

2>Browse to the "Master" folder and locate the Country > and State if USA game then the sub-folder with the name of your lottery game.

3>Don't copy and paste the game text file from the "Master" folder into the "Games" folder.  You will most likely receive an error when using the "Spokes" program.

4>Once you have your game loaded into DMP-MG (Multi-Game) program check to see if the game is current.  To update the drawings "Right-Click" the "Update" button located at the top of the Main Menu.  In the Stats area use the number buttons to enter your new drawings then click the "Save" button.

Update 2


Good Luck!!


thanks winsum


Thank you Winsum.


Hi Steve,

Link is down, could you post the update Master folder.




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Check how many draws you have in your selected game. As far as I can remember the program sets a limit to the number of draws so if your game has over 4,000- 5000 draws then delete some 1,000- 1,500 games and it should help.


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Sorry I deleted the files on the server by accident.

DMMP-MG Installation file: zip

Master zip file containing all the lottery games: Drawings updated through February 17, 2021

PDF Instructions: "Spokes" Video 3

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the new links.

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Thanks Steve for the new link.Party

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